When Choosing To Buy Backpacks, Remember This 4 Famous Brands

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1. Tucano

Tucano is famous all over the world is a company specialized in producing kinds of backpacks, bags for laptop, that style bold European quality classic but modern features inside. With classic styling, Tucano is likely attract objects such as businessmen, students, students.

In addition, the rucksacks and bags product of the Tucano was the brand of choice. The Tucano family of products are made from the highest quality materials ensure the equipment, the equipment inside is protected in the best way. Especially, this material is capable of very excellent protection, can shock resistant, impact resistant, even ultra highwater proof.

Whether its business or the young manager, even as students, Tucano always meet the needs of customers with products of high quality, fashion design and innovative.

2. Herschel

As a fashion brand from Canada was launched in 2009. But upto now the Herschel’s products were present around the world and is very popular in Asia. By mixing modern design classic but still youthful, dynamic style of the same color sociable.

Today the company product is becoming more diverse, towards many different subjects, from young to old, men and women, from intermediate to advanced.

Herschel’s products are particularly popular all over the world. By features and style is very suitable with many ages and can be used in many events.

Backpacks of Herschel have the prices range from $30 to $90 with many lines of laptop backpacks of various collections. Herschel also has special design series laptop backpacks for kids with a safe size for child’s spine.

3. Jansport

Occupy 50% of the US market has partially confirmed the prestige and quality of the product line JanSport backpack. JanSport styling can say is eye-catching than ever.

JanSport backpack products always meet the demand as comfortable, durable seam and trendy designs suitable for everyone, especially the popular tourist picnic. Also brand with the backpack style is very learned students in the US favored by affordable.

4. North Face

Is a fashion brand coming from America. Founded in 1968,specializing in the manufacture of products for outdoor activities such as vests, t-shirts, footwear, rucksack, tents, sleeping bags,…

Because of its versatility, the North Face products are the preferred choice for day trips, traveling. This brand also sponsors professional athletes around the world such as mountain climbing, skiing, wake boarding, …

The products of The North Face backpacks are using different material designs, but all have common properties that is thick, cover good morning, good waterproof, nice colors, no color fade over time. Have the ability to restrict the rain of your voyage. Besides, backpacks are designed with many extra pane help increase space inside and fixed cord laptop backpacks while you move.