What do you need to know when choosing to buy Travel Backpack? (Part 2)

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Detail of carrying strap, rotating bag and zipper

These are very important details of a backpack, while a backpack needs to carry a lot of things, move more you need to pay special attention. These important details on your backpack are also the most perishable place, so do not be afraid to check carefully, especially the seam, the strength to ensure you do not have trouble in the journey.

Considering a travel backpack with large, power-assisted, softback shoulder and can be flexibly adjusted to short length; for heavier loads you will definitely need a hip belt and operations combined with shoulder belt harness, chest strap, and stabilizer (small belt on your sternum, located on 2 main belts).

Design a travel backpack

The design of travel backpacks often has many compartments, at first glance very messy. Many people therefore choose a backpack simply because too many nooks and crannies will make it worse. However, the issue you prioritize is still a neutral, handy backpack with your travel; A multi-purpose backpack with enough room for the most basic items besides clothing such as cameras, phones, wallets, keys… is your smartest choice.

Backpack suitable for body size

Plan to bring specialized equipment such as snow boots, Ice Axes (ice hammers), Crampons, climbing ropes, or other large equipment. You may want to look for travel backpacks with special pockets, straps, straps and configurations that will allow you to easily attach pieces of equipment to the outside of the backpack. There are even special backpacks designed to carry skis, or other bulky gear.

Commitment to product warranty of the seller

Most backpack shops offer a warranty on the backpacks you buy. Depending on the product value, the warranty period varies from short to long. Therefore, you also need to pay attention to how your backpack product warranty policy, to have a problem, contact the seller for assistance in exchange, or repair the product in a good way. Due to the fact that in hundreds and thousands of products, there are products that have problems in use due to many objective and subjective factors.