What do you need to know when choosing to buy Travel Backpack? (Part 1)

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The need to find and buy owning a travel backpack on the market is increasing. However, not everyone has the full information and knowledge to choose a backpack that is both fashionable, durable, beautiful, affordable, and most suitable for their needs.

Here are the criteria that you need to know when buying travel bags:

The weight and capacity of the backpack

You think about how many days the trip is, how much amount of things you have to carry with you so that you can determine whether to buy backpacks, travel bags with large or small size. Usually baolo bags and handbags are measured in liters and it is often used to name a backpack of different sizes because of its easy-to-remember, comparative nature.

Your body condition

Your backpack should be proportional to your body weight, with an ideal weight being 10kg (20 pounds). If your backpack is too big or too small, the weight will not be properly balanced, which will cause back pain or possibly make you tired. One important issue is what length of your upper body is? In other words how long is your spine (from the lower part of the neck to the pelvis). One thing to note is that you cannot carry a backpack that is too big for a small body, which is completely inappropriate and can be harmful to you when it is too heavy.

Water resistant, durable material of the backpack

Traveling, especially long-term travel, you absolutely can encounter sudden rains, wet weather conditions or traveling across rivers and streams by canoe, so you should pay attention to backpacks There is a material with good waterproof ability, is made of genuine material, enduring and resisting at the same time to be able to safely protect the contents inside.

Currently, most travel backpacks are made from materials such as Nylon, Polyester and Canvas, etc. capable of ensuring 100% waterproof. When buying, remember to ask the staff for this detail because there are actually many types of completely waterproof. Depending on your color preferences, but many people often choose dark colors, less dust if you travel on a picnic: climbing, swimming, etc.