Versatile backpack Anello for mother

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Unisex handy anello backpack (special Japanese version) isan extremely handy, extremely easy-to-wear, extremely easy-to-wear backpack,travel bag, suitable for many situations that are favorited by young and the middle-aged mother in recent times with high-quality thick waterproof polyester, rich youthful colors.

Anello unisex backpack is creating a new trend which is very popular recently with huge size and 13 scientifically designed, very smart and spacious compartments that can hold all necessary items for both baby and mother every time going out, even couples who go out to picnic is also very convenient.


No more worries with many miserable furniture, forget about before and after. There is no need to carry armpits as too much to carry while everything can be wrapped in this backpack. Now with the worry of missing too many things for the baby, or for yourself when going out, there is no longer.


In addition, unisex anello backpack is also designed to be very versatile with 2 functions both making backpacks or if tired fabric can be changed into bags, very stylish depending on the needs of users. With polyester fabric (also known as PE) with 2 layers of high quality, thick but light fabric material and high durability, so we can rest assured to bring all necessary items with us.


Moreover, the needle nose is only sharp and sturdy, with 3 gold-plated zippers that are very sophisticated with 3 compartments to keep the heat warm up to 3 hours. The most special point is that in anello unisex backpack is the safety, certainly because the backpack mouth is reinforced with metal bars to help personal belongings do not fall out if unintentionally pulling out the wire. In addition, it makes it easy to spot “bad guys” trying to reach your backpack immediately because it is difficult to get your hands on your backpack when it has not been fully opened.