TOP 5 most outstanding football backpacks of 2019

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For many soccer backpacks, the accessories are inseparable when going to the training ground or playing sports. A multi-purpose backpack is not simply a container but also contributes to its own fashion style.

Let’s explore these wonderful backpacks.

Fashion football backpack


Adidas branded backpack is famous for its sports products with modern designs that bring youthful beauty to users. The large backpack space has a ballroom, shoes, clothes and many other personal items when you go to the football field. The back cushion behind the backpack hugged the person to bring comfort when you wear heavy.

Trendy black football backpack


 Using high-quality nylon material backpack with the good waterproof ability and easy to clean. The size of a 40 x 30 x 25 cm backpack with multiple sub-compartments can flexibly change the comfort of your bag. Exquisite design backpack, fashion is not only suitable for sports but also can be used when going to school, going out …

Soccer backpack with crossover

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Backpack designed 1 cross strap with a bright red color suitable for both men and women. However, this is a mini backpack, so you can only fit one pair of shoes and some other personal items. The backpack features fashion and convenience so it is suitable for those who do not need to use a lot of things when going to practice.

Football drawstring backpack


Simple design backpack with a large main compartment can fit into a set of clothes, a pair of shoes and many other utensils. Rugged, soft drawstring ensures that no shoulder pain will be worn to give you the most comfortable feeling. Fabric material, though super light, smooth, smooth, good water resistance, is suitable for use in the rainy season.

Versatile soccer backpack


 An Adidas backpack with the highlight of the logo and 3 straight stripes of different colors on the black background is the product that many young people love. The plus point for this backpack is that there is a separate shoe compartment and a separate dirty compartment for your convenience when going out, traveling or playing sports. Backpacks with loads up to 13kg are suitable for all different objects.