Top 5 famous backpack brands and precautions for use (Part 2)

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4. Tucano backpack brand

Tucano Backpack is a brand from beautiful Italy with a classic style. The most minimalist design from the structure to the external shape enhances the convenience, ease of use but no less luxurious, elegant. The light, colorless backpack is best for school and work.

The thick, slippery fabric is easy to clean when dirty. At the same time, the backpack has a very effective anti-shock foam layer to ensure safety for laptops if an accident occurs. That’s why Tucano brand backpack is popular.

5. Targus brand backpack

Targus is a famous brand of backpacks originating from the US, especially with the integration of the advantages of backpacks and suitcase’s gadgets to bring convenience and uniqueness to users.

Targus places great emphasis on product quality, so it is always about choosing the best material that best protects the contents of the backpack.

Targus Backpack has many different product lines for studying, going out or traveling to meet the eyesight and rich needs of users.

Notes when using and storing backpack

  • You have chosen a branded backpack, but that’s not all, because you also have to know how to use and store it properly so that the backpack will be durable over time, too. could be:
  • Use a suitable backpack to fit your physique to always feel comfortable using.
  • Avoid backpacks in places with high temperatures, near flammable substances or sharp objects to avoid loss of quality and damage backpacks.
  • Regular cleaning of the backpack to avoid mold and stains will reduce the aesthetics of the branded backpack.
  • When not in use, the backpack should be kept in a cool place and not stuffed into small spaces leading to loss of the original form of the backpack.
  • On the market today, there are many selling backpacks of famous brands, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish and choose genuine backpacks. That’s why finding a backpacking address is very important.