Top 5 famous backpack brands and precautions for use (Part 1)

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Backpacks are now so popular in life because backpacks can be used to work, go to school to play, travel are indispensable.

Because of such an important backpack, we cannot neglect the choice but often tend to find famous backpack brands to have the best experience when used simultaneously as a style affirmation.

1. Cat brand backpack

Backpack Cat is a genuine Danish brand famous for its variety of product categories and beautiful designs. Whether you are a simple person or a sophisticated one, coming to CAT you will be completely convinced by the variety of design styles.

The products of this famous backpack brand are mostly made from durable, waterproof, polyester material with strong, breathable straps, which makes it comfortable to wear many things and contributes to the longevity for your backpack.

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Cat Backpacks vary in size and style, ranging from simple single-color backpacks to colorful textured backpacks that meet the diverse preferences and needs of consumers.

2. Puma backpack brand

Puma is a globally renowned brand based in Germany with various product lines distributed in many countries. The characteristic of the famous brand of Puma backpacks is the youthful and modern design with strong and bold street style. Along with the harmonious combination of brands, many young people like to travel, like to move as an affirmation of their own personality.

The Puma backpack uses a sturdy, waterproof and dust-proof fabric material that can be easily washed and dried quickly without fear of losing its original appearance. Spacious storage compartment comfortably stores items from personal belongings, can even accommodate several clothes for long trips.

Another highlight of the Puma brand is that all the backpacks are printed with a panther logo symbolizing the strength and agility that go deep into the minds of users when remembering this brand.

3. Famous backpack brand Agva

Famous brand Agva backpack of Singapore with youthful and modern style is popular in many countries. Durable backpack, super light, super smooth bring great feeling to the user. Smooth strap easily adjust the length to suit the shape of each person to help minimize the situation of back pain, hunchback due to wearing a heavy backpack that is not suitable for the individual body.

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