Top 5 Cheap Genuine Brand Of Backpacks 2018

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Recently the tendency to choose to buy cheap brand backpacks on the increase. Anyone wishing to own a genuine backpack with reasonable rates and affordable. Many of which are well-known, such as: Seliux, Simple Carry-on, Targus, Sakos, Benro. Committed to product quality, durable use and guarantee.

  1. Puma Pioneer I New Backpack M Moss

The PUMA brand is quite familiar with the youth. These backpacks models have simple colour which are suitable for picnics or mountain climbing tours, avoid dirty and extreme water resistance.

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The design grid pane on the side to contain a water bottle. Wearing a large strap helps evenly force distribution, cushioned tip helps to avoid shoulder pain in case of long-distance moves.

  1. Adidas Neo Daily Backpack CD7779 M Navy

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Adidas products are always guaranteed quality, bringing sports, dynamic styling. Backpacks has the size of 31cm x 18cm x 48 cm, compact weight, you can bring to anywhere even go to school, go to work or travel. Adidas new line NEO with 100% polyester material has water resistant feature. Especially, backpacks can contain a Macbook 15.6 safely and have the lifetime warranty.

  1. Mikkor The Betty Slingpack M Navy

Backpacks Mikkor The Betty Slingpack M Navy is a crossbody strap model backpacks, blue elegance. Many men choose to assert the individuality, dynamic agility.

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The fabric 1000D Supertex Kodura limited waterproof really well, matching the Polyester 210D lining embossed the unique logo Mikkor. Backpacks have one main compartment and two side compartments. With a spacious main compartment, it supports to safely contain iPad. Two extra compartments are designed with a zipper and mesh shelving inside.

  1. Oops 3D Backpack M

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This is a sample backpacks for children that has been many parents choose. This is a sample of 3D laptop backpacks have spiffy turtle-shaped design in brand Opps. Size 30 x 25 x 16 cm, small and quaint. Fabric is super light, waterproof brings comfort, handy when used for baby.

  1. Simplecarry B2B15 M Navy

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This really is a versatile backpack, intelligent design and the men can carry anywhere. The product is sewn by folding the edge contour line techniques, designs with the body hugging back and the two shoulder straps, worn and the back buffer integrated smoothly, good sweat absorbent. Overall, backpacks Simple Carry before all have been undergone strict quality control for stitch so the user can assure.