TOP 5 beautiful sports backpacks are both healthy and fashionable

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On the market today, there are more and more different types of backpacks to serve the maximum purpose of users, including beautiful sports backpacks.

Here are the top 5 sports backpacks that are both healthy and fashionable, you can refer to choose the most suitable product for you.

1. Solo Velocity backpack 17.3 ”- Yellow and gray


Solo Velocity backpack model is considered one of the most beautiful sports backpacks of this famous brand line. The unique design of the backpack combines dark and light gray, a yellow wire section that forms a unique highlight and is not boring. In addition, this backpack line is also designed for separate shoe compartments, suitable for use with sports activities.

2. Solo Velocity Work backpack 15.6 – Gray and black


This Solo Velocity Work 15.6 ’’ backpack is designed with dynamism and utility that suits those who love active sports style. Backpack is a harmonious and creative combination between black and gray areas, contributing to a strong style for those who use them.

3. Black and red Yonex badminton backpack


This black and red Yonex badminton backpack is conveniently designed so it is suitable for those who love simple and dynamic style but equally unique. The product is designed with a fairly large backpack, can accommodate most types of badminton rackets, serving all the needs of users.

4. Beautiful sports backpack – Gray CAT Bruno


This backpack from the CAT brand from Denmark has a unique design with many handy compartments, users can comfortably bring different items in this backpack. Besides, the yellow color stands out as a highlight on the gray background suitable for those who love the young and dynamic style.

5. Sport backpack Victor


This famous Victor brand sports backpack is designed with many different colors so you can choose freely, most colors are dark and neutral, suitable for all genders. In addition, the backpack body is large and divided into convenient compartments to accommodate sport shoes or sports equipment in the most convenient way.