TOP 5 Adidas backpacks are popular now

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Adidas is a brand specializing in high quality sportswear,from backpacks to shoes and clothes.

Catching the psychology of wanting to own a real Adidas brand backpack with affordable prices of young people,Adidas has launched many backpack products of different styles and forms. After that, let’s find out which Adidas backpack is the most popular.

1. Adidas Originals Mochila backpack

Originals Mochila is an Adidas brand line of backpacks designed in an elegant, classic style, suitable for any audience and gender.The backpack is divided into 3 compartments, including the main compartment inthe middle, a separate compartment for the laptop and the front compartment on the front. The backpack is made of Ripstop material with 100% polyester. The fabric made into 3 layers makes the Mochila Originals water resistant quite well. In addition, the air-conditioning grid also helps users more comfortable when wearing.

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2. Adidas Urban Utility backpack

Urban Utility is a male-oriented model, they are rated as not only handy but also can be used as a personal, stylish accessory for men. The backpack has 3 multi-compartment compartments including 1 main compartment and 15.6-inch laptop compartment. The product is made of superlight fabric, high waterproof, users can go in the rain and wind without fear of falling backpack. Besides men, the product is also very popular with many girls.

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3. Adidas Striker Team Backpack

Striker Team Backpack is an Adidas branded backpack with two main compartments, including a large compartment for clothes, books, laptops… inside and a smaller compartment outside to accommodate small items. The point of making this backpack line is special is that they have a separate shoe compartment, which is suitable for those who prefer to travel far away or exercise regularly.

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4. Adidas sports backpack BP Daily

Adidas is a backpack with a strong and simple design with vivid color scheme, suitable for all subjects. The backpack has 2 compartments,the main compartment is spacious inside and the outside compartment has a colored zipper in front. The body of the backpack is meticulously sewn on polyester fabric, the bottom of the durable TPE material bag, the shoulder strap also has an Ergonomic mesh that helps to breathe well.

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5. Adidas Predator versatile backpack

Predator backpack is a very designed product, suitable for dynamic young people, who like to move. Backpack is sewn with 3 layers of superlight fabric, very good strength, so it can protect the laptop or Ipad well inside. The durable TPE bottom of the bag is also more solid.

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