Top 4 most favorite backpack brands

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Currently, there are many brands with different types, models and colors that have been born, to meet the needs of consumers in both work and adventure travel, the following are Reputable and best brands you can trust to choose.


SimpleCarry is a brand according to American – Japanese standards. If you use SimpleCarry products, you will be warranted them for up to 5 years. Especially, SimpleCarry uses water-skating fabrics so you can be assured of your backpack, and this brand is always the leading brand in fashion trends, ensuring to bring you quality bags. quality but no less modern, elegant.


Herschel is a backpack brand from Canada, this brand was born in 2009 but until now Herschel has been providing products widely around the world because Herschel is very well received and popular in consumers in Asia because of its classic designs but still young, dynamic and fresh, courteous colors, can be suitable for many ages, genders, events. In addition to style, Herschel quality is also very good, certainly in every seam to satisfy all customers.


Tucano is a backpack brand with Italian-style designs, this brand specializes in manufacturing and distributing products such as backpacks, laptop bags with classic designs but no less creative, elaborate, diverse. color, Tucano has the ability to attract objects such as businessmen, students, their students at first sight. In addition, Tucan’s backpacks and bags are selected by the brand and use standard fabric to protect the utensils and equipment in the best way, especially this material is capable of Very excellent protection, can be shockproof, shockproof, even extremely high waterproof. So this brand product is always rated by consumers as both trendy, very convenient and very great.

North Face

The North Face is a fashion brand from the US, established in the 1968s, specializing in manufacturing products for outdoor activities such as jackets, t-shirts, shoes, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, so it is very popular with young people for travel trips, especially phượt. This brand is also a sponsor for many professional athletes worldwide in sports such as climbing, skiing.

The North Face products are made of waterproof material, which is able to limit the rain during your long trip, besides, the backpack is also designed quite smart with many additional compartments to help increase space inside and the backpack is fixed while you move.