Top 4 models of branded men’s backpacks worth buying in 2019

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Have you ever wandered on Google just to find yourself a branded backpack for men yet?

If you have an abundance or are winning big when betting on online casinos, do not hesitate to spend money to own these branded backpacks. Join us to discover 4 models of the best men’s backpacks worth buying in 2019.

Cabin Zero

Using Polyester material has an extremely high waterproof ability. Cabin Zero backpack is popular among men in America. Not only because this is a beautiful backpack model but also an extremely famous brand in the US.


Bring in many huge compartments. You can easily bring anything you like. Definitely not a big challenge with branded backpacks for men with the design full of attraction. You can easily change from wearing to carrying a simple and comfortable way.

Eastpak Evanz

Bring on a unique and youthful style. The Eastpak Evanz branded backpack has created a huge attraction from men in Europe. The flat, neat and tidy design makes this male backpack the top 3 in Europe across sales volume.


Using ultra-light, durable materials over the years. The Eastpak Evanz backpack can be used for up to 20 years and still not damaged. Designers in Bangladesh have really hit the psychology of consumers when producing products with extremely comfortable back and comfortable.

Venque Alpine Rucksack

With multi-compartment design helps you arrange furniture conveniently. Outstanding striking color scheme and extremely durable zippers. Ensure the aesthetics and safety of this backpack. The Venque Alpine Rucksack can stand in the top 2 of the safest branded backpacks.


You can fit in this backpack a laptop-sized up to 17 inches comfortably. In addition, with many different compartments, you can easily carry the necessary items to avoid the situation of forgetting effectively.

 Granite Gear Jackfish

The most famous backpack manufacturer in the US designed Granite Gear Jackfish backpack. With extremely effective water resistance. This is a male backpack that is very suitable for backpacking while ensuring work when needed.


A large laptop compartment, with many different compartments, is properly arranged. You can bring lots of your stuff to live comfortably on the road. The Granite Gear Jackfish backpack is also very suitable for professional climbers because it is designed for climbers.