Top 3 most popular male sports backpack today

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You are looking to buy a men’s sports backpack but are wondering whether to choose a brand from which brand?

If so, take a moment to immediately refer to the most popular male sports backpacks today!

Simplecarry Sling

Simplecarry is a backpack brand manufactured with over 30 years of experience in the field of backpacks and bags. Simplecarry backpacks stand out with a strong, youthful style but no less elegant and sophisticated.


Targeted to the modern young user who likes innovation, Simplecarry always tries to update, learn new things and create backpacks with many outstanding advantages. In addition, the rigor in the process of selecting raw materials from reputable countries such as Korea and Japan also contributes to the firm’s stability.

The backpack has a compact design and lightweight Polyester material with high water resistance. In addition, the backpack also has many convenient compartments, featuring a hidden lock inside the same brand name printed on the fold. With the advantages brought, backpack is the perfect choice for him to express personality, strong bravery.

Seliux M4 Sherman

Surely you are not too strange with Seliux backpacks. Inspired by an American town with the motto of quality is the top priority. Backpack Seliux M4 Sherman stands out with the durability of time, simple design. This is also a backpack that people love to head on.


With the main design of backpack, made from 600D Polyester and PU 80mg with high waterproof ability. Inside is lined with 420D Nylon Fluorescent waterproof fabric. Advantages of 2-layer waterproofing, you can be completely assured if you encounter unusual rain.

The backpack is designed with many compartments, including 1 handy compartment and a laptop compartment, iPad designed high-quality shock cushion. Modern design, fresh colors add straps to make sure, zippers international quality. These factors have merged and formed a very cool male sports backpack.

Mikkor The Betty Slingpack

Mikkor is a famous brand of backpacks and handbags. The brand’s backpacks not only stand out with their youthful and dynamic design, but they are also favored by their absolutely waterproof fabric, high durability and a variety of colors.


If you are looking for a youthful, stylish men’s backpack, it is definitely not impossible to ignore Mikkor The Betty Slingpack. This is one of the backpacks of the high-end fashion backpack with modern and dynamic colors called The Betty. Mikkor The Betty Slingpack is made of 1000D Kodura Supertex fabric with good waterproof restriction, combined with 210D Polyester lining fabric printed with unique Mikkor logo. The Betty backpack has a special strap design with zipper that will transform the backpack into two straps and vice versa extremely convenient, high-grade shock-proof padding compartment suitable for iPad.