Top 3 brands of genuine sports backpacks in 2019

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Nowadays a sports backpack is needed by many people. Sports backpacks help you not to wear furniture, clothes, shoes when going to the gym, playing sports: soccer, badminton, volleyball,… or a travel sports backpack item.

Where to buy a sports backpack? Which brands of genuine sports backpacks are selling best in 2019? There are too many questions when you need to buy a sports backpack, right? Today, we will reveal to you the Top 3 best-selling genuine sports backpack brands 2019 for you to know and plan to buy easier!


This brand is too familiar to young people who love sports dynamics. Not only famous for clothes, shoes, backpacks, Adidas sports backpacks are also very popular. Sporty backpacks with familiar 3 stripes and Adidas logo are always a symbol of perfection, fashion and convenience.


Adidas has smart designs with lots of models and different sizes. You can find gym backpacks, soccer sport backpacks, travel backpacks,… many different sizes to suit your needs.


Equally famous as the Adidas brand, the Nike sports backpack is extremely popular with customers who want to order. The Nike brand sports backpack has two models: Nike Team Traning and Nike Air Backpack.


Nike Team Traning and Nike Air Backpack has a similar design but bringing two different feelings. Overall a fairly large volume for you to pack home, travel about 3-5 days. Water-proof materials are a big plus for these sporty backpacks.


As a brand from Japan, the designs from Outdoor are quite simple but fashionable and extremely convenient. Outdoor Casual Duffel Backpack has many colors for you to choose. With a solid color design combined with a prominent brand logo, this compact sports backpack will be a reliable companion, a fashion accessory you should have.


If you want to buy a sports backpack for long business trips or for many upcoming trips, consider to choose the 3 brands we have introduced!