Top 3 backpack brands s you should buy in the summer of 2019

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The backpack says a lot about you, so it is very important to choose a branded backpack brand to find a worthy backpack.

Currently on the market there are many different product lines, but are rated as the following 8 high-end backpack brands, you should refer.

1. Roncato

Roncato is one of the major Italian brands, always at the forefront of the most current trends. Therefore, there is no need to discuss more about product quality as well as fashion of backpack products from Roncato brand.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Roncato

In Italian culture, style is always the most important thing so Roncato’s backpacks are always elegant and luxurious. Outstanding Roncato brand backpack: Roncato Runaway laptop backpack: The backpack is manufactured with polyester material with dimensions of 42 cm x 32 cm x 18 cm with three main colors: black, gray, pink. Backpack with compartment suitable for 15.6 inch laptops.

2. Solo

Solo is another famous brand from the US with a pragmatic and non-flowery style, so Solo-branded backpacks will often focus on features, there are many compartments both inside and outside to bring highest convenience use.


However, not so that the Solo branded backpack lost the elegance and class. On the contrary, these backpacks are still very classy as shown by the material, lines, and compartment layout as well as the accompanying utilities.

3. CAT

CAT is known as an interesting backpack brand from Denmark, they are both diverse in designs and patterns, but still ensure the most reliable and useful. One can easily see the elaborate investment in the design of the CAT brand backpacks.


Although the outside is very neat and simple, however, the interior is always invested and designed so that the space used is the most. The big advantage of the CAT series is its price range when it is low average.

Typical products: CAT Backhoe Loader II (68 x 40 cm) – Black: young, modern bag shape with convenient hand zipper. The backpack is waterproof and extremely durable polyester. Backpacks are designed with many large and small compartments with ample storage space especially suitable for picnics or travel.

Hopefully, with the above sharing, we will help you choose a brand backpack that suits your purpose as well as your style and money.