Top 10 most popular backpack brands (Part 1)

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Currently, there are many brands with a variety of types, designs and colors have been launched, to meet the needs of consumers in both work or adventure travel, the following is reputable and best brands that you can trust.


SimpleCarry is a brand according to American – Japanese standards. If you use SimpleCarry products, you are entitled to a 5-year warranty. Most especially, SimpleCarry uses water slide fabric so you can be assured of your backpack, at the same time this brand is always the leading brand in fashion trends, ensuring to bring you quality bags. The best quality but no less modern and elegant because the Simplecarry brand is always built on the following criteria: “Fast – light – sure – flexible but no less luxurious”.

In addition to backpack products, SimpleCarry also provides consumers with other products such as ipad bags, cross carrying bags, and 1-handle backpack. You can rest assured to choose because they are designed in a variety of colors and styles.


Herschel is a handbag brand from Canada, this brand was born in 2009, but now Herschel has provided products widely around the world because Herschel is very popular with consumers, because of its classic designs, still has youthful, dynamic features with fresh, courteous colors that can be suitable for many ages, genders and events. In addition to the design, the quality of Herschel is also very good, surely in each seam will satisfy all customers.

Herchel brand backpacks usually range very cheap with many different designs and designs, enriching the choice of customers. Most especially, Herschel also has products designed based on the health of the child, ensuring a standard size, safe for the baby’s back and spine.


Jansport is a brand from the US and also a brand with a fairly solid foothold in this field. The number of Jansport backpacks sold each year accounts for half of all backpacks sold in the United States, which also shows the prestige, reliability and quality of the brand’s products. Jansport always aims to create reliable, quality and durable, beautiful products for its customers.