Swiss Gear Backpacks

Wenger Swiss Gear Backpack:
Another Fine Swiss Product

Not to be confused with the Victorinox Swiss Army brand, the Swiss Gear backpack stands on its own as a separate line of quality products under the Wenger-Swiss Gear name.

Swiss Gear products are crafted with everyday use in mind for active people requiring versatile and innovative bags that get the same attention to detail as the famous Swiss Army knifes.

To clarify the confusion between Swiss Gear and Swiss Army, both companies are sanctioned to make the famous knifes known throughout the world.

Over 100 years ago, the Swiss Government split the knife contract among Wenger for French cantons and Victorinox for German cantons.

Today both companies have expanded their product lines to include backpacks, luggage and executive accessories that maintain the high standards set by the original army knife and recognized by their similar symbols of quality.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Realizing that sustainability has to work across all lines from colleagues, consumers, customers, vendors and business partners, Wenger Swiss Gear seeks to set an example for protecting the environment.

Among their measures to minimize environmental impacts include improvements in processes and materials, education and training for employees and encouragement for suppliers and contractors.

Wenger North America received the 2008 Rockland Recycles Award for programs that reduce waste and use recyclable materials and Project Recycle invites groups to refurbish old knives with new handles made of recycled materials.

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Swiss Gear Backpack: Best Seller Selections

Wenger makes a variety of backpack models and styles that have similar names. Consumers may find this a bit confusing, so be sure that you double-check the features, price, pack size and model number to ensure you receive the right backpack.

Swiss Gear Backpack Wired 17″ Laptop (Model 9360)
(College, Commuting)

Built with first class craftsmanship, the Wired Laptop backpack provides good quality with plenty of storage space for a very functional and smart looking gear hauler.
Two large main compartments keep your laptop, books and files secure from the bumps of everyday use for college, work or travel. For bicycle commuters the durable stitching and fabric, combined with padded shoulder straps, an airflow back panel and a clip strap, keep your contents protected on the move.

Dividers inside the main section separate papers and binders and an organizer pocket takes care of everyday small items.

Get “wired” with the integrated headphone cord that connects your music player in the media pocket through the shoulder straps for easy listening access.

A major fault of the backpack is the inability to pack many 17″ laptop models without a squeeze or alteration. Large computers do fit inside the bag, just not in the sleeve designated for its storage. Most satisfied consumers used only a 15″ machine. Quality comes with added weight at around six pounds.

Colors available: Red, Black

A good quality backpack with built-in headphone wires and sufficient storage, just make sure your 17″ laptop can fit.

Swiss Gear Computer Backpack (Model 9751)
(School-College, Commuting, Travel)

A sturdy and functional bag with a clever design and good features, this Swiss Gear backpack provides students, travelers and commuters a good option for their gear.

SwissGear Computer 9751

Use it as a travel carry-on with easy access to your camera, sunglasses, cell phone, book and tickets all tucked away neatly in the front or strap pockets.

The main storage compartment stores your 15″ laptop (plus some 17″ machines) in a sleeve and a second large pocket comes with dividers for files and a media pocket and wire port. On the front an organizer pocket also includes a zipped pocket.

One problem annoying some users is how the main pocket zipper keeps snagging on liner material. The pack bottom needed more padding and protection for computers and the top handle was ineffective when using with rolling bags.

Colors available: Green/Grey, Black/Gray

Built with quality construction and plenty of storage capacity, the Swiss Gear backpack 9751 provides good organization for people on the go.

Swiss Gear Computer Backpack (Model 9371)
(College, Office)

Another quality choice that combines the comfort and durability of a Swiss Gear backpack. Large storage space holds everything you need for the day, including books, a laptop, electronic gadgets and more.

Swiss Gear Computer 9371


The load carries well with padded shoulder straps that distribute the weight and avoid digging in with heavy loads and an airflow back panel adds to the comfort level.

File sleeves help to organize files and papers with plenty of zippered pockets for business or school essentials and accessories. And a computer sleeve holds most 15″ laptops.

Some users did complain that the bag looks large even with very little inside and that the zippers made a metal clanking noise when walking. Some laptops tend to stick out from the main bag to expose it to impact.

Colors available: Blue, Red

An ergonomic bag with good construction, comfort and quality to carry the load for school and office gear.

Swiss Gear Laptop Backpack (Model 9998)
(College, Office, Travel)

With a sleeker design and simple appearance, the Swiss Gear Laptop provides deceptive storage capacity in a durable bag suitable for college students, office commuters and travelers.

Swiss Gear Laptop 9998

Constructed for maximum durability and “built like a tank”, the padded shoulder straps disperse the weight well and adjustments keep the load snug without a bulky look or feel.

A padded laptop sleeve fits a 15″ machine with a velcro strap to secure it in place. Many users noted that some 17″ laptops could fit without the strap.

Extra storage room allows you to carry books, keyboard, camera, cables or whatever you need to haul to college or the office.

The backpack rides a bit heavy for some users and too big for petite sizes, or too much space if you only want to carry a computer and not other gear. The main compartment has only one divider, not multiple slots, and the bag is not very waterproof, so take caution in rainy and wet weather.

Colors available: Black

A durable backpack without the fancy features or appearance, the Laptop 9998 offers space, protection and comfort and a handy bottle zip pocket.

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