Some Famous Brands Of Fashion Backpacks Maybe You Don’t Know

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Overcome all the definition and design of normal backpacks, backpacks brands nowadays are increasingly focusing more on rucksacks, fashion segment, with so many different models and designs, created more attraction for customers for this line of backpacks.

If you want to purchase a backpacks with fit designs, you can learn about the famous fashion rucksacks are currently popular.


The first is the Herschel’s colorful backpacks, the reputable brand from Canada. Only just beginning in 2009 but the models of backpacks of Herschel was presented in most of the backpacks shops all over the world and is the choice of many young people in both sex.

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The Herschel’s designs are simple, not fussy or outstanding characteristics on backpacks but still had a strange attraction, made many people choose to buy. Can see the fabric, the color combination or rucksacks characteristics and textures usually factors prompting Herschel have unique points and more attractive.


Originating from the United States and is one of the fashion backpacks brands are loved in the worldwide, products of EastsPak usually have elegant styling, youthful, fit for both factions but be more favored by female. Especially recently minisize product line of the company is very popular and is one of the hot items received much attention and applying by lots of fashionistas, created a trend of extremely strange minisize backpacks.

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The price of the EastsPak is still quite high. But in return you will be completely satisfied with the product’s good durable material.


Tucano is known as one of the sporty backpacks and travelling backpacks. And this is the brand favored by both men and women. However recently the brand has also created many samples of fashionable backpacks were favored because of young designers, dynamic designs, suitable with many customers and bring the personality style for users.

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Characteristics of Tucano’s backpacks are extremely soft and lightweight fabric material but very durable, waterproof ability and ultra fast drying helps products are not affected by time of use. Not only is the fashionable backpacks, backpacks of Tucano can be taken full advantage of it to use in many occasions such as playing sports, trekking, travel,…