Solo Velocity – The Best Travel Backpack To Buy This Year

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True to the name quite quality – Velocity is aimed at young people who like to go on trips or short-term travel need a backpack that is not only convenient but also fashionable.

The travel or short-haul trips can not lack the effective support of a handy backpack. Solo Velocity with versatile design, spacious storage space and extremely fashionable design will help you feel secure and confident in your exciting trips.

1. About the Solo brand

Solo is a brand of backpacks, which is famous and popular among young people in the world from America far away. With the slogan “Designed in New York”, the Solo backpacks, Solo bags bring the youth, excitement and dynamism of Americans. Therefore, despite competing with many other major brands in the bustling market like the US, Solo has affirmed its position in the hearts of consumers.

2. What makes Solo 17.3 ″ Velocity ACV731 be the best travel backpack to buy?

Solo Velocity is made from fabric material with good waterproof, tear resistant, color fast and super light. The size of 50 x 28 x 20 cm is spacious but the weight of the backpack is super light, only about 0.7 kg, this is a huge plus for the travel backpack on the market today.

The main compartment of Solo Velocity is extremely spacious compared to the space of a normal backpack. Depending on the level of the arrangement and the style of dress of each person, this backpack can hold enough clothes from one to a few days. Besides, the backpack also has a 15.6-inch laptop drawer and tablet with 2 thick padded sides and support straps. The tablet compartment can fit a 13-inch Macbook Pro, with a bottom design that is 1 piece higher than the bottom of the backpack, helping users to be more secure about the level of safety protection.

With the design of 7 different large and small storage compartments, arranged symmetrically to help the overall backpack become balanced. The highlight and also the most attractive feature of this backpack line is the support for separate shoe compartment with quite spacious size. Users can hold 1 to 2 pairs of shoes depending on the type.

On the two sides, there are two large drawers, designed by the unique Solo metal logo attached to the fabric, helping users store phones or commonly used items. When wearing a backpack on your back, you can easily reach back and get things quickly and conveniently.

Part travel bag straps made entirely of fabric, feels comfortable to hold. The dual-straps design helps evenly distribute power over the palm of your hand, making it comfortable for heavy lifting. In the shoulder straps, not only is equipped with a thick padding to create a soft feel when wearing, Solo Velocity is also cared about the design. The upper part of the strap adds a part of leather (synthetic leather) that looks quite stylized. There is a strap below, which is intended to help users slip the strap through, fixing it in case they want to hold a backpack.

With a versatile design, the backpack can carry 5 different types, from the traditional back-to-neck style to holding forward or backwards. All of Solo Velocity’s towing hooks are tied with sizeable grip for easy handling. Solo Velocity is also quite delicate when choosing the yellow color for the rope to stand out from the dark tone of the backpack, users will easily find the zipper when needed.

On the top of the backpack is a lock, the purpose is that in the case of not using up space of the storage compartment, you can retract it neatly. This is also a point to show the sophistication in the design of the Solo.