Should you buy a genuine Adidas backpack?

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If the financial conditions allow, it is best to choose a genuine and felt imported Adidas backpack. The initial investment cost is quite high, but completely worth it.

Instead of choosing to buy a poor quality backpack and replace it once a year, the Adidas backpack can completely accompany you for many years. Not only that, Adidas possesses many outstanding advantages:

Sporty, dynamic design suitable for young people and successful people. Many neutral backpack designs, suitable for both men and women with many tones such as black, gray, brown, navy blue, neon orange, blue, pastel pink, etc.

Not only that, the genuine Adidas backpacks are appreciated for their extremely good materials, durability, and high water resistance.

In addition, the smart design with many lining and auxiliary compartments helps users to easily manage their belongings in a reasonable way. Most Adidas backpacks have a dedicated laptop compartment, you don’t have to worry about falling or breaking your device just because the backpack is too thin.

There are more and more stores selling “genuine backpack”, but if you pass the speaker, you will probably bring a sophisticated fake backpack right away. You do not just look for information from one side, it is better to ask the experience of those who have purchased, see how to distinguish real and fake goods to carefully check before buying.

There are many ways to know the quality of a backpack. First of all, sewing threads must be stitched thick, seamless, unbroken, and zipped firmly and smoothly. Usually genuine Adidas backpacks have waterproof design, so sewing thread is usually a good waterproof Polylist industrial thread.

Genuine Adidas backpack material is quite diverse but are thick, often waterproof. If there is a pattern, the pattern is printed, sewn sharply, the logo is clearly not smudged or dull.

Finally there is a genuine warranty. You should be aware of the distinction between genuine warranties and local warranties. Any genuine Adidas product comes with an Adidas death warranty worldwide. If the seller is ignorant, not clear about this, you should also consider and be more careful before buying.