Rules for backpacking you should know

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Backpacking is the main form of self-travel for many days and walking.

Unlike conventional forms of travel, backpacking is spontaneous and only selects the destination first, then, depending on the time, destination, and specific circumstances that travelers choose to stay.

Civilized behavior

Say “Hello!” with a friendly smile to the person you meet on the road. This makes you feel happier and more excited when the other person also responds with the same attitude. This is also a way to notify the person ahead that you are passing so that they will actively give way.

Give way

Give way to those who are going uphill so they can keep their breathing steady. This is essential because climbing is more difficult than walking. If your group has members of different ages, let the young and short go first. If you must stop at rest, choose a level place outside the aisle so as not to disturb riders.

Actively communicate

Actively communicate and talk to build trust and sympathy with those in the same delegation. The cohesion will help members easily overcome difficulties and minimize unnecessary incidents.

Avoid disturbing

If there are many groups that do not know each other camping at the same place, stretch the distance so that the groups have a private space and a quiet place to rest. If you bring music playback speakers, keep the volume at a moderate level, avoid disturbing other groups. Besides, you should also take the initiative to bring necessary personal items such as knives, lighters, flashlights to not have to borrow others.

Leave no trace

There is a rule in travel in general and backpacking in particular: “Take what you bring”. Please collect all discarded items, bring to the designated garbage disposal area so as not to affect the natural environment.