Reasons for choosing Herschel backpack for the school season

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In previous years, many styles of bags, such as The North Face or Jackwolfskin, were chosen by many young people.

In 2018, this simple style is more satisfied by young people. The simplicity of Herschel’s design is reflected in Herschel’s material, color, function, and weight.

Material of backpack Herschel

The material of the backpack is important. The backpack not only comes with you every day to school every day but also to go out and travel, so the safety with the skin, the durability of the product is what you care about. Don’t because of the cheap price, choose a pavement backpack instead of Herschel – a brand from Canada. Herschel’s material is made of Polyethylene Foam, so it is waterproof, anti-bacteria, and easy to clean.Herschel’s material is quite solid, so it has a durability of up to 10 years.The safety of Herschel’s backpack has been exported to the Canadian market so you can rest assured.

Chất vải đặc trưng dày dặn của thương hiệu Herschel

Various colors

The simplicity of the Herschel backpack is what many of you like. Each of Herschel’s backpacks has only 2 colors, neutral or outstanding colors that match the vibrant or quiet personality. Not only are the colors outside, the interior of the Herschel is also the identity of a genuine Herschel backpack.

Balo Herschel Cho Mùa Tựu Trường

Convenient to use

Perhaps this is the most important issue in the process of use. For a backpack to go to school every day, the convenience of a backpack is the most important thing. That is the weight of the backpack, which is a function, a comfortable feeling to wear, is an easy zipper, a feeling of comfort when used. Herschel fulfills those requirements of students and students.

If you have children who are in preschool and travel to your child’s school with food, drawing tools, and play, the size and volume that suits your child are Heritage Kids lines. This product is suitable for children from 3 – 4 years old with a volume of 9 liters.

Balo Herschel Kid cho trẻ

If you want backpacks with larger volumes, to get 13-inch to 15-inch laptops, Herschel backpacks are recommended as Mid Volume, Winlaw or Classic series. These are the lines with a volume of 14-22 liters and a laptop of 13-15 inches.

Leading the trend of minimalism

Being in the form and design, Herschel is chosen by many young people as backpacks for daily schooling in Western countries. One thing worth mentioning is that the Herschel brand in some countries is quite limited, so if you choose Herschel as a companion to school, you are the one who leads the trend of simple style, the prevailing minimalism style in the world.