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The logo on a Quiksilver backpack represents over 30 years of innovation and bringing the lifestyle message of boardriding and independence to create a range of surf and skate apparel.

Started in Australia during the early 1970s, the enterprise was a way to maintain a lifestyle while providing better boardshorts for the surfing community. American surfers encouraged the company to migrate to the U.S., where Quiksilver flourished with authentic clothing and accessories for a young-minded people soaking up the outdoor life.

Today, this global brand continues to appeal to those seeking quality gear that tackles conditions on the beach, in the mountains and even in urban environments.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Through the efforts of the Quiksilver Foundation, the company engages in charitable activities and supports projects that cater to the global community of boardriders. By sharing a wide range of resources and product donations, Quiksilver aids these community organizations to reach their local goals.

Recognizing the values of corporate social responsibility, the Quiksilver Foundation accepts proposals for grants that define a special need aligned with their mission. By working with like-minded groups and individuals, the company seeks to make a positive impact beyond the product lines.

The company uses third party monitors to verify adherence to the Quiksilver Ethical Standards of Trade (QUEST) initiative that sets out to ensure global vendors and suppliers act reasonably to eliminate and prevent any abuse, exploitation or illegal conditions at the workplace.

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Quiksilver Backpack: Best Seller Selections

Quiksilver Strange Days
(School, Commuting, Travel – 1539ci/25L or 1700/29L)

The Quiksilver Strange Days keeps your day organized with a pack full of features and pattern choices to match your personality.

Quiksilver Strange Days


The large main compartment carries the bulk of your gear, while the front panel includes an organizer and top zip audio pocket with cord port makes it easy to listen to music.

Padded shoulder straps and back panel give you some comfort if the load gets a little heavy. Remember there are two sizes offered online and one comes with a cell phone pocket on the strap.

A fleece-lined sunglass or gadget pocket keeps them safe from a bumpy ride. There are no straps for a skate. Unfortunately, there are no reviews available yet that offer feedback from users.

Colors available: Block It Out Blue, Black/Green, Black/White, Pins/Chocolate, Black/White/Red, Black Dobby, Electric Chocolate, Electric White, Rock It Rev Red, Check Me Out Peru

A school pack without skate straps, the Strange Days comes in two sizes and plenty of color-pattern options.

Quiksilver Delinquent
(School, Travel – 1547ci/25L)

With a smart skateboard carry slide-in holder and strap, the Delinquent actually packs everything you need to stay in school, not miss any days for bad behavior.

Quiksilver Delinquent


Choose one of the standout color patterns for a stylish and functional bag that’s loaded with pockets of all sizes. The main compartment contains a padded laptop sleeve that fits regular, not large, computers.

A second compartment comes with organizer pockets and the top zip pocket keeps your music device nearby with an easy access audio port and a fleece-lined sunglass pocket protects your eyewear.

The shoulder straps provide a good fit and the sternum strap helps keep the load stable when riding, biking or in a hurry to catch class.

Though a lower capacity pack than others, a few users preferred the size and amount of pockets available and the durability of Quiksilver products based on previous backpacks.

Colors available: Block It Out Blue, Black/Green, Black/White, Pins/Chocolate, Black/White/Red, Black Dobby

Smart, stylish and loaded with functional pockets, a laptop sleeve and skate straps, the Delinquent is ready for anything.

Quiksilver Schoolie
(School, Travel – 2250ci/36L or 1770ci/29L)

Made for getting you through a busy day at school, on the practice field or a study session on campus, the Schoolie packs a ton of gear.

Quiksilver Schoolie Backpack

Stuff your soccer kit or textbooks into the two large compartments that handle all the bulky things. A large cooler pocket on the front keeps your lunch and drinks handy for anytime of the day.

The side pockets zipper close instead of being mesh for bottles and the front pocket also has an organizer. An audio pocket zips open from the top with a convenient headphone port.

Webbing on the shoulder straps allow you to attach extra items and the bottom has an anti-slip surface for staying in place.

Users liked the convenient pockets and multiple compartments that holds more than expected, even enough to carry a laptop and books or a soccer ball.

Colors available: Keep It Running Metal, Mixed It Up Check, Electric White, Electric Chocolate, Rock It Up Red, Black Dobby

A functional everyday pack with a food cooler and two large storage compartments for a full day load.

Quiksilver Carver
(Surf, School, Travel – 2128ci/35L)

The Carver combines good looks with great functionality and design for a larger capacity pack to fit all your beach or school gear.

Quiksilver Carver Backpack

One of the coolest features is the removable wet/dry sack that keeps your wetsuit, sweaty workout clothes or dank boardshorts from contaminating the contents. And two cross-bag straps carry your skateboard without being a nuisance.

There are plenty of surf-oriented organizer pockets that stash your sunscreen behind plastic zips, store your shades with fleece lining and one mesh side pocket for quick access energy bars or a water bottle.

The exterior is made with an eco-friendly (non-PVC) material and the shoulder straps contain a sternum strap for stability and webbing to clip other gadgets for handy access.

Colors available: Mix It Up Black, White, Block It Out Peru

Made for an outdoor lifestyle with excellent special features for storing wet or stanky gear for the beach or gym.

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