Quicksilver PacSafe Backpacks

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Travel security becomes quite an issue in recent years, and some part of the world are less safe than others. One of the major concerns is pickpockets now looking to slash the straps of the backpack, knowing that travellers use these for their most valuable items including laptops. This send major brands to the conference room and hours were spent to create a safety solution, Pacsafe used it’s over 20 years in the bags and backpacks industry to come up with a design worth cheering about.

Quicksilver is known as the surfer’s company and Pacsafe with a history of designing the most secure solutions partnered to create the most security conscious backpack on the market. Due to the cooperation between two masterminds, Pacsafe focussed on creating extra security while Quicksilver had one thing in mind and that is copious pocket learned from years of providing the surfer community with extra bags, especially for wet clothes. The result is a bag usable by beach-goers and travellers alike. It features all the extra pockets to make a trip to the beach and travelling around the world convenient while it offers exceptional security.

Anti-Theft Carry-On Backpack by Quicksilver X PacSafe 40l

The Quicksilver X Pacsafe bag offers a secure pocket for clothes, wetsuits and more while it features heavy-duty tarpaulin pockets, a removable dry bag, and a 40L carry-on pack perfect for board riders. Ergonomic back padding provides comfort while the adjustable straps ensure carting heavy gear around are much less of a mission, and then the anti-theft technology enables users to relax and focus on what matters most.
The great plus-point of the Quicksilver X Pacsafe bag is that it offers external compression straps, it meets airline carry-on standards, a 15 inch Mac-Book fits, it also offers a hip belt, sternum straps and the internal attachment is outstanding for keys and wallets, while the internal packets make it easy to keep all your gear organize and then they also remembered to add a special pocket for water bottles.

The Quicksilver X Pacsafe is the most complex backpack on the market due to its anti-theft mechanisms, slash-proof straps, exomesh slash guards and slash proof straps that eliminate cut and run thefts. The well-organised pocket system, as well as the securing zip tabs, reduce pickpocket style attacks and the RFID materials block unauthorised scanning of debit and credit cards. The bag is lightweight and weighs only 1.73 kg and the materials used are not only durable but also highly secure. The exterior of 1000D polyester not only makes more secure but also adds a high degree of rigidity to a backpack usable every day and when it’s time to travel, while its safety features ensure peace of mind. When the going gets tough, Quicksilver brings out the perfect backpack with outstanding safety features!