MCM Brings To Fashion Followers A Unique Backpack Collection

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The hotness of MCM backpacks has never decreased, when it is fashionable, it has both personality and style.

Born in Munich, Germany in 1976 and spent 3 periods with more than 40 years of style building. MCM fashion company, which specializes in producing high quality leather goods, has become a cult brand, very familiar with fashion followers everywhere in the world.

The design of MCM is a subtle combination of convenience and talent of craftsmen. The most distinctive feature of MCM is the design with the color of Cognac wine. Most products of MCM brand range from backpacks to bags, luggage suitcases and luggage are designed in this color. Unique Visetos communication material combined with timeless images of MCM, laurel cotton strips and diamond-shaped motifs.

MCM thả thính tín đồ thời trang bằng bộ sưu tập balo độc đáo - Ảnh 1.

Strongly impressed with the youth of MCM Gunta M backpack and MCM stud Outline with unique rivet design, spacious, handy storage compartment, in accordance with modern trends, created a new fever in the fashion village. Inspired by artisan Gunta Stölzl with the appearance of blue, black, white and gray with a submerged M in the texture of the material, Gunta M Stripe Visetos creates a wave of balance between purity sacrifices with statements made from its own.

MCM thả thính tín đồ thời trang bằng bộ sưu tập balo độc đáo - Ảnh 2.

With youthful, outstanding personality on the basis of unique designs, MCM quickly “captures” stylish fashion followers, and will be the perfect choice for any fashionista who wants to create personal imprints.

This backpack brand is created based on the inspiration of music, technology and travel. Brand is the embodiment of the strong, seductive and aspirational aspirations of young pioneers in fashion.

MCM thả thính tín đồ thời trang bằng bộ sưu tập balo độc đáo - Ảnh 4.

The combination of contemporary aesthetics and creativity in each pattern and modern techniques has created a unique mark in the design of MCM. The interference between Eastern and Western cultural identities makes MCM one of the products that fashion followers are always looking forward to.