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A leader in specialized packs for cameras and videos, Lowepro backpacks set the standard for innovative design to improve gear for backpacking into the wild.

Back in 1967, Greg Lowe started building better backpacks in a Colorado garage to pioneer internal frame packs and solutions for carrying photographic and electronic equipment into the field.

Today the Lowe name graces two companies. Lowepro backpacks remain an industry leader for providing some of the best camera bags, video bags, notebook bags and other sensitive digital gear that require added protection.

These well constructed packs are now favored by both professional and amateur photographers and videographers to meet the demands of tough assignments across the globe or across town.

For clarification, the Lowe Alpine company split off to concentrate on quality backcountry and hiking backpacks and is separate from Lowepro.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Realizing their environmental role, Lowepro continues to integrate a philosophy of reducing their environmental impact and supporting organizations that promote conservation and restoration.

Lowepro backpacks and digital accessory bags are constructed to withstand the rigors of trekking, travel and time. Making long lasting and durable products help reduce waste, but the company seeks to source and use recycled materials. The Primus and Terraclime series are made with recycled Cyclepet, a plastic bottle material, as Lowepro integrates more post-consumer materials into its designs.

They support nonprofit organizations that protect and create awareness about fragile landscapes, species and communities and give assistance to photographers and artists documenting the effects of climate change. Among the groups aided include the Polar Bears International, Amazon Watch, Raincoast Conservation Society, the Conservation Alliance and Native Planet.

The company was also active in the campaign to preserve the Spirit Bear and its habitat that is threatened by clearcut logging. A portion of proceeds from some products help raise awareness about the plight of polar bears and the effects of global warming.

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Lowepro Backpacks: Best Seller Selections

There are many styles and options among the various Lowepro backpacks that offer a wide range of camera carrying options. It is important to know how much camera gear you intend to carry to determine the most appropriate model.

If you prefer to pack a lot of different lenses and gadgets, then choose a larger capacity pack and make sure that the side access pockets and inside configuration dividers match your size requirements.

  • Camera Bags
  • CompuTrekker AW
  • Lowepro DryZone
  • Mini Trekker
  • Nature Trekker
  • Lowepro Vertex
  • Slingshot 100 AW
  • Slingshot 200 AW
  • Slingshot 300 AW

Lowepro Fastpack 250
(Campus, Travel, Photography)

Lowepro Fastpack 250

The Fastpack series of lightweight and comfortable camera carriers offer special features for packing DSLRs, lenses and accessories without being too bulky or difficult to access gear.

Both the Fastpack 250 and 350 have a side access pocket for a 15″ laptop that makes it easier to get through security checks. Or just use the slot to carry documents.

The main camera section holds you SLR with an attached lens and has adjustable dividers to store other lenses, a flash or whatever special equipment you need to pack for. And the inside flap contains a few memory card holders.

When wearing the pack, gain easy access to the camera section with a simple slide over motion and open up the bag without spilling out any other contents. This is perfect to capture a quick photograph while on the move.

The upper compartment has a few organizer pockets and additional space for cables and personal items, while a vertical zip outer pocket and a harness holder pocket provides a place for a cell phone or MP3 player.

Lowepro Fastpack 250

Users appreciated the slim design and medium capacity features that allow just enough gear without being too bulky. Others commented that the bag does not look like a camera bag, thus avoiding too much attention.

The major flaw is the lack of an all weather cover flap for better protection in bad weather conditions. Other complaints regarded the inability to attach a monopod and too flat outside pockets that limit storage.

Colors available: Black, Black/Arctic Blue, Black/Red

A simple and strong design that protects your camera and laptop with easy access to gear and medium capacity.

Lowepro Flipside 200
(Photography, Travel)

The Flipside is a compact and lightweight digital SLR carrier with a unique twist. For super security, the pack opens up from the back, not the front. That means you can wander around the city or off trail shooting images without accidental zipper openings or others getting access by stealth.

Lowepro Flipside 200

Just slip the pack around your waist to flip open the back panel and grab your camera or change lenses without missing the moment.

A well built bag with enough storage space for a light inventory, the clean and simple design holds the basic equipment for hobbyist and minimalist photographers. Plus the internal zip pocket keeps all the extra cords, cables and batteries in one convenient place.

On the outside a hideaway tripod holder tucks away when not needed and easily carries your awkward gear squarely on your back. For those with more gear and gadgets, the Flipside series also comes in larger 300 and 400 capacity sizes.

According to some users, the internal dividers are not very flexible to change the configuration for alternating camera gear. Also the main zippers do not open all the way down, which makes getting to the bottom items a bit of a hassle. The flipside access design also means retrieving the camera body and lens upside down, rather than the normal grab and go style.

Colors available: Black, Black/Arctic Blue, Black/Red

A perfect bag for the avid amateur photographer that carries a light inventory and requires top-notch security and durability.

Lowepro CompuDaypack
(Photography, Travel, Urban, Day Hikes)

Lowepro CompuDaypack

If you’re looking for an all-in-one backpack to handle a variety of gear requirements, then the CompuDaypack may be a good option. A lightweight and spacious pack with three main compartments, a bottom section for a digital SLR, a rear compartment for a 17″ laptop and an organizer section.
A medium size pack for getting around town or a day out on the trail, the bag carries a camera, a few lenses and your accessories without weighing you down with too much gear.

Camera gear on the bottom keeps the weight snug on your back and padded shoulder straps and a lumbar pad provide for a comfortable fit. Padding inside keeps your gear safe and Velcro dividers let you arrange your lenses.

A “normal looking” bag without the flashy looks of other camera packs doesn’t bring too much attention to the expensive gear inside. It comes with an excellent organizer for all the odds and ends like cables and power cords and the bag is suitable as a carry-on.

Among the key complaints regards the single zipper on the main compartment, thus preventing a tripod to extend out. Having the camera on the bottom means extra care must be taken to avoid damage when setting down.

A few users felt it was cumbersome to get your camera out by having first to set it down to unzip the compartment that is not suitable for long lenses.

Colors available: Slate Grey, Burnt Orange, Leaf Green

A versatile daypack with just enough space for basic optical gear, a 17″ laptop and accessories with good protection and organization pockets.

Lowepro Primus
(Photography, Day Hikes, Travel)

Built with a rugged and water resistant material made from recycled plastic bottles, the Primus combines functional design with durability for amateurs and professionals alike.

An 8-point harness system allows for easy adjustments for greater comfort on the trail or in urban environments. And the attached all-weather rain cover adds another layer of protection in bad weather.

Lowepro Primus

Retrieve your camera from two access points. A quick zip side pocket lets you take out your camera while wearing the pack and the back panel access to both lower and upper compartments keeps your gear safe too.

The adjustable Glide-Lock system enables you to attach a tripod to the front panel. The top compartment holds plenty of non-photo gear for a good balance of equipment and accessories.

Some users were disappointed with the overall layout and organization of camera gear, with grip handle camera bodies very difficult to fit through the side access opening. A better day use backpack for limited optical gear, it may not suit your needs to haul a lot of variable lenses.

Know your gear requirements first to utilize the features of the Primus without expecting to haul a professional kit or odd-size equipment.

Colors available: Black, Black/Arctic Blue

A multi-purpose camera pack with a quick side access port, back panel safety access and a good balance between optical gear and non-photo gear.

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