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Adidas – a multinational sports brand from Germany has deployed and promoted the development of handbags backpack.

Adidas always attaches great importance to quality and comfort to consumers in every product line they provide.

The brand name Adidas must be familiar to almost everyone. Born in 1948 in Germany by Adolf Dassler, Adidas is a multinational corporation specializing in the supply of sports products such as shoes,clothes and perfume products, shower gel, deodorant, etc. Although it is available in the market. The school has been around for a long time, but Adidas still won people’s trust by its international level.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho BP DAILY ADIDAS

Despite the growing popularity of other brands in the market, Adidas is still a prestigious brand in the global sports world, proud to be the largest supplier of sporting goods in Germany and Europe. and secondin the world. So it is not surprising that the products of backpacks and bags from Adidas are considered the symbol of power of the specialized sports field.

To meet the needs of sports players, there must be many things: shoes, clothes and other accessories to have the most comfortable and fun sports hours, the famous Adidas sports brand was born. line of sports backpack – Adidas Daily BP, suitable for both men and women, but still ensures novelty and fashion.

Unlike camera backpacks, travel backpacks or fashion backpacks… sports backpacks are designed specifically to accommodate shoes,sandals, clothes, dirty clothes … but still must be sure and compact.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho BP DAILY ADIDAS

Adidas BP Daily sports backpack with simple design,healthy, beautiful, diverse colors suitable for all ages, genders. As a sports backpack, this product line is designed to be versatile, can be used daily with the main compartment with enough space for all your needs and the small colored zipper compartment at front. Meticulous seams are what you can feel when holding a backpack in your hand.

Adidas BP Daily backpack shoulder strap is equipped with more breathable Ergonomic mesh, giving you a light, smooth feeling even when carrying heavy loads. At the same time, the strap can easily adjust the size to suit user preferences and habits. In particular, the bottom of the bag is made of Durable TPE material, which adds strength, helping to protect all safety items. Adidas backpack BP Daily has brilliant colors, capturing the true tastes of young dynamic, passionate sports people. Ton-sur-ton zipper with the Adidas brand’s lettering is printed on the body, giving you more attraction and prominence in the crowd.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho BP DAILY ADIDAS

If you like a youthful, disruptive style, surely Adidas sports backpacks with this bright color will impress you.