Jansport – genuine American backpack brand

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Jansport is one of the most popular backpack brands today. The backpack models of the company are famous for diversity, richness, suitable for many different customers.

Jansport is a backpack brand founded in 1967 by the Murray Plez family. In 1986, Jansport was officially owned by VF Corporation – one of the largest garment companies in the world. The genuine cheap Jansport backpacks are first aimed at University students in Seattle. Over 50 years of development, Jansport has been leading the US backpack market every day by providing half of the number of backpacks sold each year. Jansport branded products are now popular among students and students.


Highlights of Jansport backpack

– The backpack style catches the fashion trend of the young, dynamic style, suitable for all types of costumes.

– Special material with superior technology is extremely good waterproof in the inner surface, high durability, no color fading, easy to wash and clean.

– Designed smooth and breathable cushion in the strap, back, creating maximum comfort for users.

– Design of smart compartments, large main compartment with shockproof cushion to help protect laptops and technological devices, additional storage compartments. All towards the most minimalistic possible, suitable for the needs of students, students and office staff.

– Durable use time, usually about 5 years.

There are a lot of shops specializing in selling Jansport backpacks in countries around the world, a series of addresses and full range of products from popular to high-end. However, the trend of choosing to buy backpacks today is to the stores selling genuine and prestigious backpacks.


Many other incentives when buying Jansport backpacks:

– Lifetime warranty

– Commitment to genuine imported products

– Good prices for customers who buy in bulk

– Refund if not satisfied with the product.

In addition, the store system also offers backpacks of many famous brands such as Benro, Targus …

Choose to buy and experience handy, trendy products!