How to wear a backpack properly

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Many people often think that wearing a backpack means just wearing a backpack on the shoulder as usual.

However, the way your backpack may be completely wrong and can significantly affect the structure of the spine and shoulders. Whether you are a child or an adult, be aware of the following backpack wearing habits and find ways to overcome them as soon as possible with the following methods of wearing the backpack correctly.

Do not wear a backpack more than 10% of the total weight of the body

Not every heavyweight wear but properly worn can protect the shoulders and back. Note only wearing a backpack with a number of kgs does not exceed the weight of the body. For example, if you weigh 50kg, you should not wear backpacks weighing more than 5kg. Regular backpacks can cause serious shoulder damage.


If the backpack has 2 straps should take advantage, not worn on one shoulder

For one-sided cross-body bags, one should change often, not just one. The backpack has 2 straps, you should wear 2 straps, do not apply the way dangling backpacks on one side, especially when the backpack is large, it will greatly affect the spine structure and cause shoulder dislocation higher than usual.

Arrange the load in the backpack close to the back

If your backpack has some heavy objects such as laptops, cameras, heavy books, they should be distributed in locations adjacent to the back as much as possible. Ensuring these items will not slip or move during movement, minimize weight instability and create a sense of stability when worn.

You may also notice that laptop backpack models often design the laptop compartment inside, adjacent to the back to minimize backpack weight in the front, creating a more comfortable feeling to wear.

Adjust the strap

Backpack straps should be adjusted enough so that the backpack is pulled up at a level parallel to the top of the shoulders, avoiding the backpack to lower at the sole below the waist, which will cause the weight of the backpack to lower, the body must hunch forward. to support the backpack.

Choose the right backpack for each different occasion

Small and medium sized backpacks should only be used for everyday activities. When going out, traveling, climbing, you should choose the type of specialized backpack with large size, the strap is designed to cushion softly to create a sense of comfort when wearing than normal backpack types.

The note on how to wear the above backpack will help you get more comfortable feeling when wearing backpack. At the same time, you will also minimize the effects, wrong damage to the shoulders and back when wearing. In addition, you should also choose products that protect the health of users.