Have you known 5 famous backpack brands in this world?

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Backpacks are now too popular in life because backpacks can be used to work, go to school until going out, traveling are indispensable.

It is because of such importance that we cannot be negligent in choice but tend to look for popular backpack brands to get the best experience when using it at the same time as a personal style affirmation. We will suggest you the following 5 well-known backpack brands for you to get more information.

1. Cat brand backpack

Backpack Cat is a genuine Danish brand famous for its wide range of products and beautifully designed. Whether you are a simple person or a picky person, you will be completely convinced by the variety of design styles.

The products of this famous backpack brand are mostly made of durable polyester material, good waterproof, with a strong, breathable straps that bring a comfortable feeling when wearing many items and contribute to raising the age for your backpack.


Cat backpacks vary in size and style, various designs from simple one-color backpacks to colorful motifs to meet the tastes and needs of consumers.

2. Brand of backpack Puma

Puma is a well-known global brand based in Germany with various product lines distributed in many countries. Characteristics of the famous backpack brand Puma is a youthful and modern design with a strong street style. Along with the combination of many harmonious tones of brands that many young people love to travel, like to move favorably as an affirmation of their own personality.

Puma backpack uses a strong fabric, special waterproof and dust-proof material that can be easily washed and dried quickly without fear of losing the original shape of the backpack. The spacious storage compartment comfortably stores items from personal items, can even accommodate a few clothes for long trips.


Adding an indispensable highlight of the Puma brand is that all backpack models are printed with a leopard-shaped logo symbolizing the strength and agility that goes deep into the user’s mind when remembering this brand.

3. Famous backpack brand Agva

The famous brand of Agva backpack of Singapore with youthful and modern style is preferred in many countries. Ultra-durable, ultra-light, ultra-smooth backpack brings great feeling to users. The smooth strap is easy to adjust the length to suit the shape of each person to help minimize back pain, shoulder humping due to heavy backpack is not suitable for personal condition.


4. Tucano backpack brand

Tucano backpack is a brand from Italy with beautiful classic style. Design the most minimalist way from structure to appearance to enhance convenience, ease of use but no less luxurious and elegant. The gentle, colorless backpack model is best suited for school and work.


Thick, slippery fabric material easily cleans when dirty. At the same time, the backpack has a very effective shockproof foam layer to ensure safety for the laptop if it happens to happen. That’s why Tucano branded backpacks are popular.

5. Targus brand backpack

Targus is a famous backpack brand originating from the United States, especially with the integration of the advantages of backpacks and utilities of suitcases, bringing convenience and originality to users.


Targus emphasizes product quality so always focuses on choosing the best material that can protect the contents of the backpack in the best way. Targus backpack has many different product lines for going to school, going out or traveling to meet the needs and rich needs of users.