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Gregory Backpacks Take Comfort
to the Next Level

An innovator in the industry, Gregory backpacks are known for high quality, durability and a constant effort to increase the comfort level for backcountry hikers, trail runners and anyone active outdoors.

Founded in 1977 by Wayne Gregory, who started designing packs as a boy scout, the company has pioneered some of the features that are standard equipment today, including different harness and waist belt sizes.

Focusing on ergonomic function and superior comfort, Gregory backpacks incorporate systems that adjust to various hip angles to improve load transfer and strengthen stress points.

With a long history of field testing gear, listening to customers’ complaints and ideas and finding the best materials to use, Gregory packs and products are always near the top end.

The main backpack product lines for various activities are: mountaineering, backpacking, backpacking ventilated, hiking ventilated, techincal daypacks, winter packs and active trail gear.

Overall Gregory backpacks are well made in all size ranges and should provide hikers with years of outdoor service.

This quality usually comes with a higher price tag than other brands and slightly heavier pack weight.

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Environmental and Social Responsibility

Gregory supports a number of environmental organizations and is taking steps to improve their “green” thinking.

Conservation groups, trail and guide associations and national advocacy organizations are all receiving assistance from Gregory. These include efforts to protect the Appalachain Trail and endangered species to saving access to climbing areas and training mountain guides and promoting education and awareness about ‘green living’.

On the ecological front, Gregory backpacks are now PVC-free.

Making safer products for the environment is just part of the progression to change minds within the company to lessen the impacts and add to their green criteria.

Recognizing that outdoor products must perform first, the fact that Gregory packs last for 20 years may override the decision to purchase a more green-made bag that requires a replacement every five years.

Gregory Backpacks: Best Seller Selections

Gregory Denali Pro 105
(Backpacking, Mountaineering – 6100 to 7000ci/100,106,115L)

A pack to carry big loads without sacrificing comfort, the Denali Pro features plenty of space and comfort for backcountry hikers, mountaineering and other mulit-day expeditions.

One of the better mountain pack choices that has survived years worth of trail abuse from professional guides and avid users. The shoulder harness system rotates and the waistbelt adjusts at different angles for good fit and weight distribution.

With a bulletproof fabric that prevents wear and tear, the pack handles mountain ascents, ski trips and extended camping outings year after year.

Compared to other packs, the Denali Pro did not sag or slide or have straps loosen up and it stays snug on the body. It swallows gear for long hauls and compresses for short trips without annoying hot spots or soreness.

Recommended for a 70 pound load without any discomfort, some users went well above to 135 pounds with only a broken waistbelt buckle!

The one main complaint repeated often by users was how the sleeping bag compartment access is too small for winter bags. Others dislike the weight of the pack, but realize it is a minor concern with such heavy loads.

Colors available: Chili Red

A premier expedition pack with superior comfort while carrying large loads that remains strong and tough for years.

Gregory Baltoro 70
(Multi-day Backpacking – 4149 to 4638ci/68,70,76L)

Gregory Baltoro 75

As a Backpacker Magazine Editors Choice Award winner, the Baltoro gets plenty of praise from users who tested out the pack’s reputation.
With a double pivot suspension system that keeps the load centered and a self-adjusting waistbelt, the pack offers superior comfort and balance.

Hikers with lower back problems will appreciate the light feel of heavy loads and the lack of pressure on the spine, as a beefy waistbelt takes on the weight.

Two plus points include easy access from top, bottom or sides and a variety of external pockets to carry and separate gear to avoid always digging in the large compartment.

Designed to carry 50 pound loads easy, many users found the pack to handle 60 pounds well too. The pack also takes the punishment of tough terrain and snow conditions.

Although hydration compatible, the straps do not have clips for water tubes. For some, the pack squeaked too much while walking on the quiet trail and the top lid does not convert to a fanny pack.

Colors available: Bamboo Green, Cardinal Red

A top-notch backpack with a superior suspension system that carries heavy loads with the ease and comfort found in higher end packs.

Gregory Whitney 95
(Hiking, Backpacking, Extended Trips – 5309 to 6285ci/87,95,103L)

Gregory Whitney 95

Another heavy hauler for backcountry trails, the Whitney loads up to 70 pounds supported by the Response CFS suspension that fully adjusts to keep weight on your hips.
The pack provides easy access, via top, bottom, side and front openings, to multiple compartments and has lots of external pockets that appeal to those wanting organization and gear separation options.

The newly updated Whitney is a versatile pack that maintains comfort levels and durability, but some users are experiencing breakdowns on the trail. Notable are the cracked plastic pieces in the hipbelt that develop just days into month long hikes.

Another complaints regard the noisy metal wrenching sound that occurs when walking for miles, the use of Velcro to hold tools and stitching blowouts on the hipbelt.

Disappointed users had packs returned or repaired satisfactorily, but felt these problems should be absent for a pack in this price range.

Colors available: Humboldt Green, Trinidad Blue

A good, not great, pack for multi-day backcountry hiking, the Whitney is recommended for lighter loads and shorter trips due to durability concerns.

Gregory Deva 60
(Hiking, Weekends – 3500 to 3900ci/57,59,63L)

Specifically designed for women, the Deva rates as a well-padded ‘pack mule’ that provides good suspension and support even for petite users. The Response Active Fit Suspension pivots your hip angle and adjusts to body movements.
Gregory Women’s Deva 60 

Gregory Baltoro 75

Chosen as an Editors Choice Winner by Backpacker Magazine, numerous adjustment straps allow for a perfect fit and getting to gear is easy with top, bottom, side and front points.

Heavier than other brands, the hipbelt and harness secure the load for a more comfortable fit that suits female proportions with a narrower framesheet and breathable mesh back panel.

Durable construction and a waterproof bottom make the pack usable for many years on the trail or weekend travel.

Some users dislike the extra weight of the pack and prefer more lightweight options. And Gregory backpacks tend to be pricey for beginners.

Colors available: Coastal Sage, Calistoga Blue

With excellent padding and comfort, the Deva outshines similar options with better adjustments for the perfect fit on long hikes.

Gregory Backpack Z65
(Hiking, Light Backpacking – 3600 to 4332ci/59,65,71L)

Gregory Z65 Backpack

For a lighter feel and streamlined design, the Z65 provides all day comfort with the Jetstream LTS suspension that features thicker padding and airflow with a mesh back panel.

Without limited external pockets, the pack fits tighter, not bloated like some packs in this class. Recommended to for loads up to 45 pounds, many users found 35 pounds to be the sweet spot for superior comfort.

A wrap around waistbelt provides good support without slippage and the harness lies flat by matching your shoulder angle. A large, front panel provides easy access for some items.

The pack fits well whether stuffed to the max or only half-full, with compression straps able to keep the load compact enough for carry-on travel.

There is no dedicated sleeping bag compartment and the pack is not totally waterproof.

Colors available: Olea Green, Flint Gray, Moroccan Blue

A multitasker pack with more user options, the Z65 provides more support than typical lightweight packs with great comfort.

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