Fever with high quality Japanese backpacks

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Japanese backpacks are too familiar to us and can easily catch anyone on the way from children, students, students to working people, middle-aged people …

With variety of designs and style, we can refer to some Japanese backpack models that are being loved by many people to make their choices!

1.Japanese backpacks for hunchback for students

Sample of anti-hump backpack is almost indispensable for students when they come to school in Japan. Anti-hunched Japanese backpack is sewn with a standard shape, definitely meticulous to the smallest detail. Designing the back and backpack strap hugging the shoulder and back of the baby helps reduce weight on the exposed back and creates a comfortable feeling when wearing minimally hunchback, common scoliosis in young children.


2. Escaping Japanese backpack

SKY Angel Japanese backpack is a smart product equipped with functions as a rescue device that can help you escape high-rise buildings if you encounter a fire. Using high-class flame retardant materials,carefully processed with fire-resistant ASTM belts and cables, can withstand loads up to 500kg. Suitable products are safety devices in families.


3.Unique Japanese backpack

A youthful design backpack, personality can glow in the dark thanks to the LED lighting system outside the backpack. The spacious storage compartment size with many extra compartments suitable for students and students need to bring many books and other belongings to school. Durable,tough canvas fabric easy to wash or dry.


4. Personality Japanese backpack for men and women

Backpacks designed in a modern style with acombination of colors in a personality way is the attraction of the young people. This Japanese backpack is made of super light, super soft and waterproof burlap material with dimensions of 29 x 39 x 12cm, which is suitable for students and students when going to school or going out.

5. Japanese backpack for mom and baby

Sample backpack for moms with small children because of the special and spacious storage compartment design that can hold all necessary supplies for mother and baby when going out, going out, … This Japanese backpack model is designed up to 15 storage compartments for moms to arrange the map in the most scientific and tidy way. In addition, the backpack also has a special compartment that can keep the bottle for 3 hours to ensure safety for the baby when the mother and baby go out.


6. Japanese backpack for students

Bright blue backpack with European-style design with large storage compartments for children to comfortably carry books and school supplies. Shoulder strap designed as a smooth massage, with breathable mesh lining so that the baby’s shoulders are relaxed and comfortable.


7. New square Japanese backpack

Japanese backpack with a square shape with the size can fit a A4 booklet, the front of the backpack is printed in 3D with many different motifs, creating a mischievous, youthful look for young people. The versatile multi-style backpack can be worn either with a shoulder bag or across-strap bag thanks to a convenient detachable wiring system.


Referring to Japan, we think of high-class smart products, high quality and durability and backpacks are no exception. Above is the top 7 most popular Japanese backpacks that many people love will hope to have a model suitable for you.