Backpack FAQ

A Backpack Information And Issues Guide

The Backpack FAQ is where anyone can exchange information on backpack brands, backpack issues or even backpacking questions that help visitors to make better, more informed choices.

Maybe you want to know more about hiking backpacks or external frame packs. Or do you need to know the requirements for certain airline carry-on bags? Concerned parents may want to learn more about backpack problems related to heavy school packs or school security issues.

The Backpack FAQ is an information resource for questions and answers from business travelers, students, backcountry hikers and anyone else that seeks more research and advice before purchasing a backpack.

Tips For Posting FAQs

  • Save the FAQ questions for general comments about backpacks or issues concerning security, regulations, proper fit and other topics of interest that apply to general pack use.
  • There are separate pages for giving reviews or comments for specific backpack brands, so please go to the “Share A Review” link on each brand page instead of using the FAQ.
  • The FAQ is a public forum, so information provided by visitors may be used on other sections of this website if deemed more appropriate.
  • Please use the Contact Us page for private, not public, questions related to the website.

The Best Backpack Guide team will try to answer questions or post them within five days. You have the option to provide an email to be notified when the question is answered or when someone makes additional comments.

The more we share our knowledge and experiences with each other, the easier it is to find the right backpack for any type of use. Thanks for taking the time to ask or answer questions.

Got A Question About Backpacks?

The Backpack FAQ invites anyone to ask a question, share information or add a comment on issues related to backpack use, whether for travel, school, hiking, business or backpacking around the world.