Experience in buying travel backpack

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Life will be more interesting when there are comfortable trips and bring you lots of adventures. However, if you do not have knowledge on how to choose travel backpack, your journey will initially have difficulty with backpack! 

It can be said that rolling backpack is more convenient than other suitcases because they are equipped with extremely useful handles. Therefore, you have experience in choosing rolling backpack to buy. We can not help but identify really good hand travel backpack.

1. Which is the easy to use travel backpack?

You pull out and close many times in the process of selecting travel backpack. If they are smooth, efficient, and give you a sense of certainty, then take the first step in the peace of mind about the suitcase-type you are choosing. Material stainless steel or alloy is the top priority for you professional leather backpack on the market today!


2. Pay attention to the wheels

Currently, we can choose 2-wheel rolling backpack or 4-wheel rolling backpack. It’s hard to say which of these two travel backpack is of better quality. Because the quality of the wheel depends on the price and brand of the product.

The advice for you, in this case, is 4-wheel travel backpack for large, well-equipped suitcases. They will assist you better in moving, not only pulling but also pushing.

3. The material of travel backpack

In the experience of choosing to buy backpack for traveling, you will have the most authentic advice about the concern about the material of the suitcase today.

You can buy two-sided leather backpack made of high-quality plastic or softer with a surface made of cloth and leather. In each option, you get different pros and cons.

With leather backpack, you will easily expand the suitcase by 5cm to accommodate more furniture than the prescribed capacity. But they are easily affected by outside activities during your journey.


For hard plastic backpack, you will be assured of the safety of furniture, especially fragile items. However, they are heavier, prone to rough handling in the backpack compartment that you can not control.

4. Do not ignore the size of the travel backpack

Determine the best fit for your travel needs. You will find it extremely inconvenient because your towed backpack is too large for the few belongings you carry or they are not enough to reserved for things you cannot forget at home.

5. Don’t forget to look at the pull bar and handle!

The standard length of the drawbar should be designed so that it is easy to adjust, not to bend, or reach during use. Placing handles in the middle and on top of the rolling backpack is also very necessary, and more specifically, they must be sewn firmly and firmly. Check to see if the travel backpack you are about to buy meets the two small points above.


6. Consider the price, and buy a travel backpack

On the market, there are many places that business the travel backpack, including lightweight backpack, leather backpack, rolling backpack, and kids backpack. But you should not go to that place where there is cheap backpack that later regrets your decision. The right choice should be for branded backpack, with a genuine warranty.

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