Discover 6 beautiful Korean backpack brands

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The backpacks have a strange attraction that can appeal to both men and women of beautiful Korean backpacks such as Toppu, Lime Orange, … are being chosen by the stars.

Check out the beautiful Korean backpack brands below to make cheap moments with your idol.

1. MCM brand backpack

MCM is a popular leather brand in the world, most famous for its stylish rivet backpack. With their popularity, there are many Korean and Vietnamese stars who are fascinated by this brand’s backpack. Because they became disembodied by large idols, they were also hunted by fans.


2. Givenchy brand backpack

Givenchy is a leading luxury fashion brand in the world. Founded in 1952, so far this brand has been famous for many different product lines such as perfume, jewelry, fashion products from leather.


This beautiful Korean backpack is one of the most powerful products on the market. In parallel with the luxury of Givenchy brand, the backpack models designed by the products also carry the elegance, nobility but equally active and youthful.

3. Sonyunara brand backpack

Since its launch, Sonyunara brand has determined to focus on the main customers who are young, beautiful and dynamic teenage girls. Therefore, Sonyunara’s main product lines all have a reasonable price, which is affordable for the target customers.


But not because of that, the quality of the backpack models decreases or the inherent flair and cute features no longer exist. The company still aims to improve quality but the price is constant, which is one of the strengths beloved by customers in this famous backpack brand.

4. The Toppu brand backpack

The Toppu backpack is a backpack brand that creates a new trend of young people in choosing backpacks to serve their needs as well as fashion accessories for themselves.


The outstanding feature of this beautiful Korean backpack brand is that in addition to function as a backpack with a regular laptop, there are also more options such as extremely convenient trips and short trips. With luxurious fabrics and good waterproof features combined with eye-catching color scheme, The Toppu backpacks are creating a real fever among young people even though product prices are not low.

5. Lime Orange brand backpack

Lime Orange follows an interesting business philosophy that aspires to bring community value in every product. They aspire to create a new world, where there is no more environmental pollution, no more suffering.


That’s why every product makes them always attach a certain community meaning to it. This is a unique new feature that is rarely seen in the world, and is also a big plus in the minds of consumers for this brand.

6. Naning9 brand backpack

Prominent with trendy fashion backpack with solid seams, meticulous Naning9 brings many different styles for girls to choose.


Korean leather backpack Naning9 uses high quality leather material to bring a soft, feminine design that will be a beautiful Korean leather backpack 2018 that you can not ignore. Although only using a single black backpack still stands out and exudes a classy, ​​classy look that women love to choose to go for a walk, travel.