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Advertising and Affiliate Disclosure

The Best-Backpack-Guide.com is a public information website with content provided without compensation for research and writing.

Although the website currently earns compensation through advertising (i.e. AdSense) and affiliate relationships (i.e Amazon and eBags, among others), we do not receive free products from manufacturers or other vendors.

Compensation does not influence the opinions and reviews presented on the website. The information is based on honest comments from product users and our research findings.

The opinions and views expressed on the website are aggregated from numerous resources and backed by our own experience in using backpacks and other types of gear. However, any product claims should be verified and updated by the manufacturer or service vendor.

The primary goals of the website are to provide services to visitors that:

  • Provide exceptional and useful information from reviews on backpacks and backpacking travel.
  • Promote awareness on health and travel issues related to backpack use and backpacking travel.
  • Promote options for consumers to purchase quality backpacks that suit their particular need.
  • Alert consumers on the availability of special deals and sales offered by various online vendors.

Advertisers, Affiliates and Sponsors

The website contains third party advertisements provided by Google and subscribes to affiliate programs, such as Commission Junction, that provide products related to the content and intent of the website.

Payment is received from click throughs on ads and from commissions for the sale of products on affiliate vendor websites after clicking on links on our website.

Best-Backpack-Guide.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

Product and Service Recommendations

Review information and recommendations are based on researching hundreds of public comments on a variety of both vendor and informative websites.

Extra effort is taken to find the most relevant and field-tested comments by product users engaged in different activities. This provides a valuable service to our visitors to filter out the best information from numerous online sources to save time and get useful details.

Visitor Reviews and Recommendations

We also value user experiences and insights on products from our visitors. Therefore, we seek out their reviews and recommendations on particular models or brands by asking them to fill out our online review forms.

This information is only edited for clarity and online etiquette and contains real-life comments based on the preferences of the individual reviewer.

Complaints or Enquiries

If there are any questions related to advertising and affiliate programs or dissatisfaction with experiences related to these services promoted on the website, please contact us for an enquiry and review.

Thanks for visiting Best-Backpack-Guide.com.

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