Deuter Backpack

A Deuter Backpack Demands Comfort

The Deuter backpack is one of the oldest outdoor gear products in the world and an unsurpassed leader in Europe for decades, ever since Hans Deuter started up a factory in 1898 to supply the Bavarian Post Office with sacks.

By the 1930s, Deuter rucksacks and tents were supplied to Himalayan mountain climbers and the relationship between backpacks and professional alpine sports was born.

In the 1980s, the company introduced the Aircomfort backsystem that revolutionized the hiking pack for ventilation and comfort.

Obsessed with proper fit and function, each Deuter backpack is equipped and optimized for maximum comfort for the most demanding outdoor users.

In 2001, Deuter finally climbed into the U.S. market and already makes its mark as one of the top 5 backpack brands in the industry and continues to improve and expand its product range for women, child carriers, sports packs and travel gear.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

German standards for quality are well known worldwide and Deuter backpack is no exception. The company’s child carriers meet or exceed the German consumer safety standards and their production facilities in Vietnam are also monitored by the same agency.

The Vietnam factories maintain excellent conditions for over 2,000 workers that supply the demand for Dueter backpacks.

In the U.S., Deuter supports various community festivals and partners with various organizations that deal with mountain guides, mountain biking and outdoor leadership training.

In 2006, Deuter was purchased by another German company, Schwan-Stabilo, to form their outdoor division. More information has been requested by us on any changes or additions to their programs.

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Deuter Backpack: Best Seller Selections

Deuter Aircontact 65
(Hiking, Extended Trips – 3950 to 4550ci/65,75L)

A tough and well constructed pack recommended to carry sixty-five pounds, the Aircontact 65 is a load hauler with maximum storage and top-notch features.

The Aircontact backsystem reduces perspiration by 15% for a more comfortable hike and the pivoting Vari-Flex hipbelt and adjustable Vari-Quick shoulder harness ensure the load rides in the right place.

Head molding and a positionable lid pocket with compression straps allow your head greater movement and three side compression straps stabilize and balance the overall weight.

The pack comes hydration system compatible with side bellows pockets for extra water bottles. A built-in rain cover protects the entire pack and even added gear attached outside and detaches if not needed.

A number of users appreciated the easy to use rain cover and its ability to withstand heavy wind and wet conditions. Others carrying loads from 40 to 60 pounds, found the pack to be very stable with side and top compression very useful.

One of the few complaints regards the pack weight, a bit heavy and certainly not for ultralight hikers.

Colors available: Anthracite/Moss, Anthracite/Fire

A top-notch heavy hauler with all the best technological features for comfortable multiple day backpacking trips.

A few pounds lighter than the Aircontact 65, the Aircontact Lite gets high marks for its “superior” technological and ergonomical features that allow anyone to find a personalized fit.

Deuter Aircontact Lite 65
(Day Hikes, Extended Hikes – 3950 to 4550ci/65,75L)

The Aircontact Lite system increases ventilation and provides continuous airflow, while the hollow-core aluminum X-frame suspension flexes to increase the load distribution.

The Vari-Quick harness system lets you adjust the back length for long or short torso lengths, even if readjusting up to twelve inches. And the foam hipbelt uses soft foam for comfort inside and stiff outer foam for weight transfer and control.

As with the Aircontact 65, the adjustable lid has pockets for quick access and comes hydration compatible with a deep reservoir pocket that some users even use for partial storage.

Many users were delighted with how the pack carrys loads comfortably with very easy adjustments to make a good fit regardless of size, shape or gender. Excellent lumbar support and a snug fit even allowed those with back problems to hike again as a therapeutic measure. As a lighter weight pack the optimum range seemed to be 3-40 pounds, slightly less than the upper limit of 50 pounds.

Climbers enjoyed being able to scramble better on ascents without having to readjust the load each time and the support kept the load stable without swaying.

The most common complaints regarded minor shoulder strap slippage and a few buckles broken that had to be replaced. If you pack stuff on the outside the rain cover may not fit over it all and the nylon shock cord is only of medium strength. It was also suggested to pack extra gear on the sides due to difficulties placing on top.

Colors available: Steel/Titan

An overwhelming popular choice for a tough, lightweight and comfortable pack that is making new converts to a Deuter backpack.

Deuter Futura Pro 42
(Day Hikes, Weekends, Travel – 2250ci/42L)

A versatile pack that carries a 35 pound load, the Futura Pro 42 has enough room for three or four days of supplies, perfect for long weekend adventures or a day hike with the kids.

The Aircomfort suspension design allows fresh air to circulate between the pack and body to reduce sweating and keep you cooler all day. And the flexible spring steel frame supports a mesh back panel for greater ventilation.

The Vari-Flex hipbelt pivots at the center of the lower back for increased load carrying comfort and padded shoulder straps and hipbelt compression straps help stabilize the pack to minimize shifting.

Top and bottom pack access makes it easy to get to your gear and the sleeping bag compartment zips open to the main pocket for a full bag length option.

Users appreciated the adjustable torso length that fit tall and short hikers, slender frames and short and stumpy body shapes. Compression straps let you size the pack for small and large loads for a good and sturdy fit. A tough pack that withstands winter conditions, users liked the high quality seams and material and found it to be durable all season long.

Among the dislikes were the lack of hipbelt pockets for camera or GPS and a few inconvenient waistbelt buckle breaks. Others wanted bottom straps to pack a tent or pad and nylon cord webbing on the front panel for outside gear stashing.

Colors available: Storm/Titan, Fire/Granite

A perfect choice for light overnight hikes and weekend travel, the pack fits in an overhead bin and fits all types of body sizes.

Deuter Futura Zero 40
(Day Hikes, Hiking, Travel – 2450ci/40L)

The Deuter Futura Zero series are designed for lightweight adventures and skim a few pounds off from the Futura Pro packs to offer a less heavy option with the same comfort level.

Maintaining the innovative Aircomfort suspension that allows constant airflow from three directions and a spring steel frame that maintains tension and support for the mesh back for ventilation.

The superb fit is enhanced by a contoured hipbelt with stabilizer straps and ventilated pads and a shoulder harness lined with MeshTex fabric to breathe off sweat.

Noted as a “serious piece of outdoor equipment” by one user, the Futura Zero is a durable and sturdy pack that holds plenty to meet the needs of hiking, snowshoeing, climbing and general outdoor action.

The main complaints refer to the built-in hydration system that caters to Deuter bladders, thus causing other brands to sit too low in the pocket. And the single waistbelt pocket was deemed too small for basic gear and too few for easy access to other items.

Colors available: Cobalt Steel

A lighter pack with the same quality, durability and comfort recognized by more and more users of a Deuter backpack.