Character Backpacks

Choose Colorful Character Backpacks
For a Child’s Favorite Companion

Lovable character backpacks make young kids feel a bit better about starting off their schooling adventures, especially when you can take friend like SpidermanSupermanDoraElmo and SpongeBob Squarepants.

From superheroes to cartoon characters, these bold backpack designs get kids interested in carrying their own books or toys to spark a sense of responsibility while playing with their favorite animated hero or television companion.

Young minds are often influenced by these iconic figures, like Hannah Montana, so choosing appropriate character backpacks not only becomes a fashion statement, but maybe a reflection of your child’s own personality. Or maybe your kid just likes the colors.

Character backpacks are part and parcel of the marketing strategies of television and movie media, so be aware of what you are purchasing.

Kids get inspired by the zany antics and pretty world of these cartoon figures, like Ben 10, that usually provide positive messages for your young ones.

Although these colorful packs are good for preschoolers and younger kids, be sure that you don’t overload these packs on small bodies.

Keep everything light and fun and functional. And encourage your kids to be active with their new backpack friend.

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Character Backpacks: Popular Brands

Dora the Explorer Backpack – Get in the exploring spirit by following Dora and Diego and take off on your own adventure, whether on the way to school or in your backyard.
Elmo Backpack – Start your day with one of Sesame Street’s best known characters and learn your ABCs with this red, furry companion.
SpongeBob Backpack – How can any child resist the happy go lucky SpongeBob, a funny, yellow creature of the deep sea, to brighten up their school day.
Hello Kitty Backpacks – This cute feline character originated in Japan and now warms the hearts of young girls all over the world, plus adults who like to collect Hello Kitty memorabilia.
Hello Kitty Messenger Bag – If you don’t like the heavy sag of a daypack, then look over the selection of these over-the-shoulder messenger bags with the same cute and adorable designs.
Spiderman Backpack – Get your spidey senses going with one of the all time favorite superhero characters and carry your books and toys in spidey style.
Batman Backpack – The adventures of the Caped Crusader have delighted youngsters for decades. As one of the true heavyweight superheroes, Batman will always be a popular choice for toddlers looking to get some play gear with their favorite cartoon and movie character.
Superman Backpack – The first real superhero and one that never grows old, every child knows about Superman. If your child enjoys reading or watching movies about this classic cartoon icon, then it’s time to show off the “Man of Steel” at school.
Star Wars Backpack – Luke Skywalker, Yoda and Darth Vader are just some of the classic characters from the beloved Star Wars movies. Do you know which space hero is your child’s favoritie?
Toy Story Backpacks – Every child likes to hang out with their best friends from the toybox, so choose among Buzz Lightyear, Woody and the rest of the wonderful characters from these light-hearted movies.
Transformers Backpacks – Decorated with 3D graphics, choose your child’s favorite Autobot, whether it’s the leader Optimus Prime or the robust BubbleBee, and keep your kid safe from the evil Megatron.
Hannah Montana Backpacks – Does your child adore Disney’s Hannah Montana? Search the colorful collection of backpacks, bags and slings for a trendy choice to take to school. Get a little Hannah inspiration and find your own talents.

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