8 Models Of The Most Remarkable Gym Bags In Summer 2018

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Fashion is inherently a story without end. Every day, there are thousands of ideas every hour, along with the offerings of unique collections around the world.

Although it is not necessary to follow new trends, strong men today also regularly participate in social activities. Accordingly the need to use accessories that are typically bags also so that, one of those trends, gym bags in recent years bring more fashion elements. Here is suggestion about 8 of thehottest gym bags this year that boys should not miss.


Ảnh: Size uk

The Canadian brand, famous for its backpack made from classic canvas fabric, has now returned to the accessory market with trendy gym bags on the transition days. The rectangular shape familiar with masculine colors makes this a bag to enhance the elegance and sophistication but also very stylish for gentlemen when coming to the gym.


Túi tập gym Vapor Power của Nike có giá khoảng 35 €. Ảnh: Nike

Still a strong Nike always at the fore front of sports fashion trends from the 70s. With the form of green gym bag as a highlight to create dynamic and elegant style, the brand from the US still shows the magic attraction of the giant in the accessory market.


As its name suggests, Rains’ gym bags are always enhanced by waterproof materials. Although the design is not new, but with this unique feature is still a plus point for the bag to become acompanion in the gentleman’s gym.


Mẫu túi TRAINING BACKPACK của adidas có giá 43 €. Ảnh: adidas

The German brand was born in the 20s and became the world’s oldest manufacturer of sportswear. Along with Nike, Adidas always bring confidence to gentlemen who use its products. Back with this smartdesign backpack, you can completely bring more laptops, individual shoes without worrying about the area of ​​the bag.


Mẫu túi tập gym Undeniable 3.0 Duffel của Under Armour có giá khoảng 36 €. Ảnh: Underarmour

Although Under Armor has been on the market since the 90s, Under Armor has quickly confirmed its name with unique products with high-tech applications. Typically, the gym bag for men in the summer of 2018 has many improvements in waterproofing material or solid belt but still upholds luxurious style.


Mẫu túi của H&M chỉ có giá vào khoảng 18 €. Ảnh: H&M

Perhaps the brand from Sweden is a pretty successful name in the fashion market in recent years. With an eye-catching design and affordable price, H&M items always bring aboutcertain stability of products and materials.


Mẫu túi có giá khoảng 100 €. Ảnh: The North Face

Well known for its high-end gym and travel products, the gym bags of The North Face brand are still on the gold list of most men. Not only that, The North Face also brings a sense of fashion personality mixed with a little rebellion with vivid red color.


Sắc đen truyền thống mang đến sự lịch lãm. Ảnh: Carlfriedrik

If you watch the street as a “runway” floor, then surely the gym bags will not merely be a sports accessory. Brand from the UK Carl Friedrik is associated with high-end designs as gifts for gentlemen who love elegance and luxury. With some automatic mechanisms, this sample bag will not be smudged heavily by sweaty tools or clothes.