5 branded backpacks are popular today

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There is a lot of information posted on the internet that makes you wonder which company to choose and do not want to spend time filtering and researching information.

Here are 5 famous backpack brands, reputable and have the best quality products you can choose depending on your needs.

Eastpak – One of the famous backpack firms in the US

Eastpak backpack has an elegant style, dynamic style. Depending on the needs and use cases, the design and capacity of Eastpak backpacks are also different. Colors range from bright colors to muted tones to suit your taste and personality.

Fjallraven Kanken – Swedish brand backpack

With the design of a classic backpack from the 60-70s, very simple but normal but brings convenience. The backpack is dubbed design suitable for all genders, all situations. You can use it whether you are male or female. You can carry it on a picnic, you can also carry it on shopping or bring it to school.

Crumpler – One of the famous backpack company of Australia

Specializing in backpacks and bags, Crumpler now has hundreds of different models depending on the purpose of use such as: laptop, camera, travel. Because there is a lot of experience in business activities. So Crumpler understands the problems of the customers. So you can feel secure when using Crumpler products, because each product has been carefully censored.

Jack Wolfskin – Brand backpack representing Germany

A famous brand for travel backpacks, laptop backpacks, mountaineering backpacks established in 1981. Jack Wolfskin products are stylish and feature suitable for outdoor activities such as outdoor, travel. Its products have the outstanding advantage of the back cushion system and extremely smart design but still have a healthy and fashionable physique.

Jansport – American backpack brand

Jansport is a brand from the US and also a brand with a strong foothold in this field. Jansport bales sold each year accounts for half of the total number of bales sold in the United States, this also shows the prestige, confidence and quality of the products of this brand. Jansport always aims to create reputable, quality and durable products for its customers.