3 best trekking backpacks today

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Waterproof backpacks bring optimum performance, use in any need or case. Currently, famous brands such as The North Face mountaineering backpack, Jack Wolfskin, …. are familiar names for everyone.

1. Hiking Naturehike NH15A001-B

From Naturehike brand of high-end products, genuine travel, outdoor products. Naturehike comes from China, has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing and design. Currently, Naturehike has been present in many large countries, with a lot of influence and trust from consumers. In addition to waterproof trekking backpacks, you can also buy yourself sleeping bags,camping tents, travel accessories, cooking utensils, clothes … 


Compact and lightweight design with extremely strong water resistance. Backpack hiking Naturehike is suitable for use on day walks,biking, or high outdoor recreational activities. 100% waterproof material,extremely strong water resistance, protective clothing, electronic accessories inside are not damaged.

2. Jack Wolfskin backpack

Jack Wolfskin brand is probably no stranger to us about products, accessories, accessories such as clothes, waterproof backpacks,climbing shoes … .. Canvas material for trekking is made from high technology grade, with sturdy fabric, durable, abrasion resistant and worn.Advantages of nylon material both help waterproof and bring lightness.

Simple design but extremely powerful effect. Sturdy seam,with the belt and hip belt sections definitely adjustable. Supporting padding enhances durability, reduces luggage pressure when traveling. In addition,breathable fabrics absorb sweat and moisture when worn.


Part straps in the design of the big version. With the hip belt is enhanced to put pressure on the hip. Keep your back and shoulders more comfortable. In addition, you can also see the protection belt in the chest of trekking backpack is also enhanced. As a result, when moving or climbing, your luggage is fixed in a convenient position and not pushed to the side.

Especially when the front part of the climbing backpack Jack Wolfskin has a LED support, it helps protect and increase visibility when traveling at night. Different storage compartments for you to use and store,smartly distribute items. Rugged zip lock layer, with two side unlock for quick operation.

3. Deuter mountain climbing water bag

Appreciate the robustness and the dedicated design for dust climbing and traveling tours. The compartment is extremely spacious. Deuter provides additional fabric reinforcement at the bottom to increase strength and resist floor friction.


With so many different and easily accessible external storage compartments, you can store your personal belongings, clothes indifferent compartments without having to worry about the problem being mixed. Force support cushion is enhanced in hip straps, shoulder straps. The frame shaped fixed trekking backpack inside, when looking from the outside it would be very difficult for you to detect.