3 beautiful backpack brands you should buy in 2019

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Have you ever thought about how many brands make beautiful backpacks? Basically, because there are so many facilities, the brand produces branded backpacks worldwide. And prices are also raised and lowered to compete with each other.

Here are the top 3 beautiful backpacks in 2019 that you should buy:


Not only produce high-end Selinux backpack, it also makes young people feverish with super-brand branded backpacks. Setting goals for quality over quantity, Selinux’s backpacks are appreciated by users for durability over time.


With a strong waterproof design, it does not get wet when it rains or accidentally drops water. To be sure when it comes to the user is the best selinux backpack. Every backpack, when done, must pass a number of rigorous quality tests.


The backpack from this brand is the strong and luxurious shape. The product line of the Mikkor backpack carries a strong image with the white wolf. The product line of Mikkor always catches up with trends in the world to launch brand laptop backpacks.


Designed with many dedicated compartments, along with excellent quality from waterproof locations. Therefore, Mikkor backpack is trusted by many people. Using a team of designers tailored to the lifestyle of the young and keeping up with the fashion trends of the Americas. After many years of building a Mikkor brand backpack, it is gradually bringing its name to world friends.


In 1995 a camera manufacturer called Benro was born. After successfully manufacturing and bringing to the market your accessories. They are gaining popularity all over the world because of the coverage of branded backpacks and amazingly beautiful bags.


Use environmentally friendly materials but also guarantee the quality of branded camera backpacks. With the experience of producing camera accessories, designing backpacks is not too difficult.

As shown, Benro branded backpacks are specially designed to hold the camera. So for photographers choosing a Benro brand backpack is a more perfect option.